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Downloads FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about downloading files or our site policies, many others have asked too! Check out the most frequently asked questions below!

Is the file safe and secure?

There is no absolute way to guarantee that a file is secure, but what we can tell you is: we never alter files or inject them with malware or viruses of any kind. Our suggestion is that you personally scan the file before you download it using a program such as McAfee or Kaspersky. Let us be clear: PLEASE scan all files to ensure they are safe when downloading.

Help, I can’t download the file!

First, don’t panic! The most likely cause of being unable to download the file is us having reached the monthly bandwidth cap set by our server providers. Be patient if this happens, we typically go in and request for more bandwidth.

Where do we store the files?

Sometimes files are linked directly from their original download source links and sometimes they are mirrored in our sever – it just depends! Mirrored copies work as backups, to prevent chaos in situations such as our server being down because the bandwidth has been met.

Do you have a disclaimer?

We sure do! We are not in affiliation with Xiaomi Inc., MI, MIUI, MI logo and any other Xiaomi product names or trademarks. Check our site to read our full disclosure statement and answer further questions.

Do you have a complaint you would like addressed?

We maintain the policy that we respond to any notices of infringement and will take appropriate actions under the DMCA as well as the other intellectual property laws. If you think you have copyrighted material on our site, and you would like it removed, please submit a claim through our contact page. We will be happy to comply.

How can I share from your site?

Just like anything else, link from a variety of social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit – to name a few. Otherwise share a download link via e-mail to your friend.

What Are ZIP, RAR, APK and TGZ files?

So many acronyms… These letters represent extensions that are the most popular format to compress many files into a single distributable package. The APK file is just what Android calls files that work on their mobile system. It is possible you will need software like WinZip, WinRar, or 7Zip to extract them and zip files can also be extracted directly in your Android phone using apps like: ES File Explorer.