If you’ve recently bought a Xiaomi Mi6 and have fake ROM installed, here’s a tutorial on how you can flash Official MIUI Global Developer ROM. You don’t need to have unlocked bootloader to follow this tutorial.

You may want to try this, but pay attention that author of this guide is not responsible for any of your actions with your phone.

How to flash Xiaomi Mi 6 from fake ROM to Official Global Developer

  1. Download and install Mi PC Suite. Usually, it automatically installs all required drivers. Start Mi PC Suite. Update the software if required.
  2. Boot into recovery mode.
  3. In recovery select “MI ASSISTANT” mode connection.
  4. Connect your device to PC via USB-cable.
  5. Your device will not be found in Mi PC Suite. No need to click “Connect to device” button.
  6. Press the arrow icon near the “Update” button and click on “R.FLASH”.
  7. If everything was done correctly, you’ll be suggested to flash to Global Developer ROM.
  8. Pay attention! At 80% your device will reboot and most probably you’ll see error message in Mi PC Suite. This is normal! 
  9. Your device will reboot and start with installed Global Developer ROM. You can now close the Mi PC Suite and disconnect your device from PC.

If you got some application crashes, the factory reset will help you.