Download Xiaomi Mi5 Custom Firmware Roms

Best Xiaomi Mi5 Custom Firmware Roms

Here’s a list of most popular custom firmware roms for Xiaomi Mi5. Every rom is followed with download link. If you’re looking for Xiaomi Mi5 Nougat Custom Roms check out this fresh post.

Xiaomi Mi5 Custom Roms with Download Links

All custom roms come without pre-installed Google software (Gapps), so they must be installed along with the firmware.

[Official] CyanogenMod Build 13.0 – Download

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[Unofficial] CyanogenMod 13.0 for the Xiaomi Mi 5 – Download

[Unofficial] ResurrectionRemix – Download

AOSP-CAF mm6.0.1 – Download

Dirty Unicorns v10.6 – Download

AOSP – JDCTeam – Download

[Official] MoKee OpenSource Team – Download

[Unofficial] BlissROM – Download

[Official] HexagonRom based on CyanogenMod – Download

[Unofficial] AICP gemini mm – Download

[Unofficial] AICP gemini mm-11.0 – Download

[Unofficial] PAC MAN ROM – Download

Beanstalk – Download

[Unofficial] TEMASEK – Download

[Unofficial] AOKP gemini mm – Download

H2OS FOR XIAOMI5 amazing! – Download

The CyanogenMod 13 for XiaoMi M – Download