Download ADB Installer v1.4.3

[Download] ADB Installer v1.4.3 – Drivers, ADB and Fastboot Tools

Install drivers, ADB and fastboot tools with one single installer.

What’s ADB Installer v1.4.3

This package includes all required drivers for Android: ADB drivers (Android Debug Bridge), Fastboot and Google USB-drivers. Very easy to install.


  • Small size.
  • Fast installation.
  • All required drivers in one single installation package.
  • Simple installation with only three steps.
  • Latest ADB and Google USB-drivers included.

Download ADB Installer v1.4.3

Download link:

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How to install ADB Installer v1.4.3

  1. Download and extract
  2. Start “adb-setup-1.4.3.exe” (right click and “Run as administrator”).
  3. In case you’ve haven’t previously installed any drivers it is recommended to answer Y/Yes on all the questions.
    1. Type “Y/Yes” to install ADB and Fastboot or “N/No” to skip.
    2. Type “Y/Yes” to install System wide for all users or “N/No” for current user only.
    3. Type “Y/Yes” to install drivers or “N/No” to skip.
    4. Driver installation will start.
    5. Wait for 15 seconds and installation should be completed.
    6. Reboot your system.


How to install ADB Installer v1.4.3

Latest update: 15 April, 2020