Download Global Stable For Redmi 4 Pro

[Download] Global Stable for Redmi 4 Pro

Download Global Stable Recovery ROM for Redmi 4 Pro / Redmi 4 Prime

Global Stable (MBEMIDL) Short Review

  • Slightly improved mobile signal
  • More free RAM memory
  • MIUI performance is increased
  • Battery life is extended a little bit
  • New features is added (more information below)
  • New Google App “Duo” – Service for video calls.

Any bugs in this ROM version? As we’ve noticed auto-brightness of the screen is working not very well. Auto-brightness behaves absolutely unpredictably, on we didn’t noticed similar things.

List of MIUI 8.2 New Features

  • Improved toggles menu.
  • Automatic Tasks – Automatic changes of system settings based on time and battery charge.
  • New “Home Screen” setting added in the “Settings” menu.
  • New power save mode.
  • New icons when connecting USB cable and new icons for changing the keyboard language.
  • Automatic scanning for infections and viruses of installed third-party applications.

ROM Details:

  • Android Version: 6.0.1
  • Modem: V044
  • Kernel: 3.18.24

Download link:

Redmi 4 Prime / Pro  Global Stable Recovery ROM:

MD5: 5f3af3d49446337d74121941dcbaa609

Redmi 4 Prime / Pro – Global Stable Recovery ROM:

Redmi 4 Prime / Pro – Global Stable

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