Hey, guys! Today we’ve got some great news for all of you! The new version of ADB & Fastboot tools has been released recently. Below we’ve listed download links for Windows, Linux and Mac OS versions as well as basic instructions on how to install and use Platform-tools (adb & fastboot).

Download latest Platform-tools (adb & fastboot) r.26.0.0 drivers for Xiaomi MIUI Phones

ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is a tool to manage Android OS devices.


  • Check connected ADB devices.
  • Logs access.
  • Copy / move files.
  • Install & remove applications.
  • Wipe data partition.
  • Flash data partition.
  • Network settings.

How to install Platform-tools (adb & fastboot)

  1. Download and unpack Platform-tools (adb & fastboot) .zip archive to “C:\adb” or any other empty folder with the similar name.
  2. You should get a folder with “adb.exe”, “AdbWinApi.dll”, “AdbWinUsbApi.dll” and “fastboot.exe” files.
  3. On your phone enable “USB Debugging” and select “Only charging” when connecting to USB.

How to use Platform-tools (adb & fastboot)

  • One method will be going to “Run” menu on your Windows PC and type “cmd” to open Command Prompt.
  • Use “cd c:\adb\” command to go to ADB folder.
  • Now use ADB commands to continue.
  • Otherwise you can go to folder with Platform-tools files, press “Shift” button + Right mouse click and select “Open command window here”.


Download Platform-tools (adb & fastboot) r.26.0.2

Below you can download updated version of adb and fastboot drivers as well as Android USB drivers for Windows.


  • Add support for Pixel 2 devices.


Download Platform-tools (adb & fastboot) r.27.0.0

Released in December 2017.


  • Minor fixes for Mac OS


Download Platform-tools (adb & fastboot) r.29.0.6

Last update: 19.02.2020


  • Lots of bug fixes


Download USB Driver: usb_driver_r12-windows.zip

Download Platform-tools (adb & fastboot) r.30.0.1

Last update: 06.05.2020