Flashing Xiaomi.eu MIUI ROM on Locked Redmi 4 Prime

Flash MIUI ROM on Redmi 4 Prime with Locked Bootloader

In this tutorial we will show you how to install international MIUI ROM like MultiROM, MiuiPro or Xiaomi.eu ROM on Markw device with locked bootloader.

Note! Only for Redmi 4 Prime 3/32 versions!

Flashing Xiaomi.eu MIUI ROM on Locked Redmi 4 Prime

To flash international MIUI ROM from Xiaomi.eu or MultiROM you must have MiFlash and all required drivers installed on your PC. Also you need to have any ROM installed on your device.

  1. First you’ll need to enable developer options and enable OEM UNLOCKING.
  2. Go to “Settings” > “About phone” > Tap a few times on MIUI version to enable developer options. Also go to developer options and enable OEM UNLOCKING.
  3. Download and extract _PatchLockedBL.zip and install this patch using MiFlash just like a usual ROM.
  4. Now turn off your device and enter fastboot mode (vol – and power button at the same time).
  5. Download and extract TWRP.zip and run “doit1.bat” file.
  6. Device will reboot. First startup will take around 10-15 minutes.
  7. After reboot enter fastboot mode again and run “doit2.bat” file.
  8. TWRP recovery should start. Disable password and allow changes to “system” partition. Make swipe to confirm.
  9. Enter “Wipe” and select data format. Type “yes” and swipe to continue. Enter main menu again and press “Reboot” > “Power Off”.
  10. Hold three buttons to enter TWRP again. Enter “Wipe” > “Advanced Wipe” > Select all partitions except “system”Swipe to confirm.
  11. Enter main menu press “Reboot” > “Turn off”
  12. Hold three buttons and enter TWRP again.
  13. Copy International MIUI ROM to phone internal storage and install via TWRP.

That’s it! Now you’ve got unofficial international ROM installed on your device!

Remember! Do not wipe “system” partition or you’ll get bootloop and bricked Redmi 4 Prime in your hands.

In case you’ve stuck with doit1.bat file do the following:

  1. Replace emmc_appsboot.mbn file to patched one and install with “clear all” option.
  2. Skip steps with “doit1.bat” file and continue with “doit2.bat”.

Download links: