find best custom roms for redmi note 7

Download Redmi Note 7 Custom ROMs

Below, is a list composed of some of the best Redmi Note 7 Custom ROMs you can choose from.

Use any of the ROMs that you desire to full effect. Remember that before you install Custom Redmi Note 7 ROM, you need to have TWRP Recovery on your device.

After installing TWRP, it becomes easier to install any mods on your smartphone. TWRP makes a simple task flushing a Custom ROM of your choosing.

Disclaimer: not every Custom ROM is stable, especially if you’re using it as a daily driver.

Best Custom Firmware for Redmi Note 7 (Lavender)

NameStatusBaseAndroid VersionAuthorXDA ThreadDownload link
AOSIP | PizzaUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0HeyuhuiDownload ROMN/A
AOSiPUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0BapakDono N/ADownload ROM
AOSiP | DerpFestUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0PriQue77N/ADownload ROM
AOSiP | DerpFestUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0DavidChrXDA LinkDownload ROM
AOSIP | DerpFestUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0kirillmaster4XDA LinkDownload ROM
Aosp Extended | 6.5UnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0Dhairy_devXDA LinkDownload ROM
Aosp Extended (AEX) | v6.6UnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0facocoN/ADownload ROM
BeastROMsBeta | OfficialAOSPAndroid 9.0mdeejay, pestilentiaN/ADownload ROM | Vendor
Bootleggers ROM v4.2UnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0Septian126N/ADownload ROM
Bootleggers 4.2UnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0letsmakecakesDownload ROMDownload ROM
CR Droid 5.5OfficialLOSAndroid 9.0letsmakecakesXDA ThreadDownload ROM
CerberusOSOfficialAOSPAndroid 9.0ClytheFreedLavenderXDA ThreadDownload ROM
DotOs ROMUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0Septain126N/ADownload ROM
Evolution XUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0Shobhit_07N/ADownload ROM
EvolutionX 2.0OfficialAOSPAndroid 9.0NickinfinityDownload ROMDownload ROM
Havoc OSUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0bindasssonuXDA LinkDownload ROM | Vendor | VBMeta | Mount System
Havoc OS 2.6UnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0Septian126N/ADownload ROM | Mount System
LineageOS 16.0UnofficialLOSAndroid 9.0letsmakecakesXDA ThreadDownload ROM
Liquid Remix 10.0.8UnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0TioBurlaN/ADownload ROM |
Pixel ExperienceUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0letsmakecakesXDA ThreadDownload ROM
Pixel Experience [GO] Official, TrebleAOSPAndroid 9.0waiserN/ADownload ROM
Pixel Experience | CAFUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0BladeyyN/ADownload ROM
Pixel ExperienceUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0NickinfinityXDA ThreadDownload ROM
MSMUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0Shobhit_07N/ADownload ROM
MoKee Open Source Project OfficialUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0...N/ADownload ROM
XPerienceUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0PriQueN/ADownload ROM
SyberiaOS 2.6OfficialAOSPAndroid 9.0mdeejayXDA ThreadDownload ROM
Resurrection RemixUnofficialLOSAndroid 9.0letsmakecakesN/ADownload ROM
Viper OSOfficialAOSPAndroid 9.0melvingN/ADownload ROM
Kraken ROMUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0PriQue77N/ADownload ROM
Xenon HDUnofficialLOSAndroid 9.0PriQue77N/ADownload ROM
Superior OSUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0alkylkN/ADownload ROM
Oxygen Os | GSIUnofficialAOSPAndroid 9.0Khode_ErfanN/ADownload ROM |

Resurrection Remix – Resurrection Remix is an AOSP source code based custom ROM. In a layman’s language, this means that its UI is the same used on stock Android and Pixel phones.

Using this ROM exposes one to loads of features including; Paranoid Android, Slim, Lineage OS, AOKP, and a plethora more.

Alongside these features, this ROM champions a powerful combination element of customization, performance, battery life, and power, that puts it above many other Custom ROMs. It works meticulously on Redmi Note 7.

AOSP Android 9.0 Pie – Android 9.0 Pie is the 9th iteration and a significant update on the Android platform. It comes with several design changes such as gesture-based navigation system, Redesigned volume slider, Improved adaptive brightness, and Advanced Battery with AI Support.

Additional features include; the Android Dashboard nicknamed Digital Wellbeing by Google, New Quick Settings UI design and Notch Support alongside a plethora more. The Custom ROM integrates perfectly with Redmi Note 7.

crDroid OS – The newest Lineage/AOSP based custom ROM is known as crDroid OS. It’s one of the most excellent ROMs in operation today. It comes with loads of customization options and delivers Pure Android Experience.

You will need TWRP Recovery to install this Custom ROM. It works well with Redmi Note 7.

Havoc OS – The Custom OS is developed based on Lineage OS, and it comes with a lot of new features that are not found in other Custom made ROMs.

It comes with features including; Spectrum support, system-wide Rounded UI, Status bar tweaks, Battery Teak features, OmniSwitch, and Slim an option that allows multitasking. It functions well with Redmi Note 7.