Hello, guys! Here’s a method that you can use to increase the headphones microphone volume on your Mi5S Plus phone. Please note, that root is required!

Fix low microphone volume issue on Xiaomi Mi5S Plus

  1. Mount and set “RW” permissions for “/system/etc/mixer_paths_tasha.xml”.
  2. Make backup of “mixer_paths_tasha.xml” file just in case.
  3. Now open “mixer_paths_tasha.xml” with any text editing app, ES Explorer for example.
  4. Find these lines:
    <path name="headset-mic">
    <path name="adc2" />
    <ctl name="ADC2 Volume" value="3" />
  5. Next simply change and increase the value here <ctl name=”ADC2 Volume” value=”3″ />, you can try something like 14-16.
  6. Confirm changes and reboot your phone.
  7. Now the volume of your headphones microphone will be increased. Pretty simple, huh.