In this post we’ve tried to collect the patches and bug fixes for the most common issues which might occur on Redmi 4X (santoni) with Custom ROM installed.

How to fix Redmi 4X Cusrom Issues and Bugs

We’ll start with hardware problems and cover them all one by one:

Auto brightness fix for Resurrection ROM

Here’s auto brightness fix for Redmi 4X Resurrection ROM:

How to fix not working headphones button on Redmi 4X

To make headphone volume buttons work on Custom ROM, you’ll need to edit the “/system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl” file and add these lines in the bottom:

key 251 VOLUME_UP

There’s a small chance, that the button numbers might be different on your device. You can use the KeyNRTracker application for that purpose.

How to fix Goodix and FPC Scanner on Redmi 4X Cusrom

Here’s a working patch for any fingerprint scanner version, works both on Android 6 and Android 7 Custom ROMs. Don’t forget to set required permissions rw r r.

Replace these files:

TWRP version:

How to fix video recording on Redmi 4X Custom ROM

If your camera app doesn’t record video, here’s a solution you might want to try.

  1. First of all, delete cache and data of “Camera” application.
  2. Then go to “/system/build.prop” and add these lines in the bottom:
  3. Now reboot your device.
  4. Video recording should work fine right now.

How to fix not working WiFi on Cusrom Redmi 4X (santoni)

In case WiFi is not working after installing Custom Rom on Redmi 4X, here’s what you might try to do:

  1. Copy “/system/etc/wifi/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini” file to “/data/misc/wifi”.
  2. Now you can use WiFi on Redmi 4X with cusrom installed.

How to fix not working navigation buttons

Here’s a patch fix for navigation buttons on Redmi 4X with LineageOS 14 Custom ROM.


How to fix compass and screen rotation on Redmi 4X Cusrom

In order to fix different sensors on Redmi 4X with LineageOS download and install this patch:

How to fix max volume issue on Redmi 4X Resurrection ROM

In case you’ve got issue with loud sound on Redmi 4X Resurrection ROM or LineageOS, you can try flashing the patch below.

Download Redmi 4X (santoni) LineageOS 14 Sound Fix

Below you can download the LineageOS 14 sound issue patch for Redmi 4X (santoni). Wipe “Dalvik / Cache” before and after installation. Don’t forget to make backups of your system!

How to fix unknown baseband on Redmi 4X with Cusrom

If you stuck with unknown baseband or unknown modem version after installing custom ROM on your Redmi 4X phone, you can try to use this solution. Download and install the patch via TWRP Custom Recovery. You must have root and init.d support enabled.

Download patch: Fix unknown

Smooth Scrolling patch for Redmi 4X Custom ROM

If you want to enable smooth scrolling on Redmi 4X Resurrection Remix Custom ROM, you can try flashing this patch. After you’ve flashed the patch, go to “Advanced settings” > “Animation” > “System animation” > and manually disable “Scrolling cache”.

Download patch: