Android 9 Custom Firmware for Redmi Note 6 Pro

Download Custom ROMs for Redmi Note 6 Pro

In this post, we’ll cover all currently developed Android 9 Custom ROMs for Redmi Note 6 Pro device. Check out this link to learn more about Android 9 latest features

Last year, Xiaomi has been releasing all possible variations for their fifth generation of mobile smartphone and one of these smartphones is Redmi Note 6 Pro – a worthy successor with enlarged screen and dual front camera. The excellent balance between its price and technical characteristics gives this model every chance to become popular among the users.

As previously noted, today we’ll cover all the available custom ROMs for this phone.

General Tutorial on How to install these ROMs:

  1. Open TWRP.
  2. Wipe Dalvik/System/Cache/Data partitions.
  3. Reboot your device and start in TWRP once again.
  4. Flash downloaded ROM.
  5. Reboot into system.

Android 9 Custom Firmware for Redmi Note 6 Pro (Tulip)

NameStatusBaseAndroid VersionAuthorDownload link
Evolution XUnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0iodine71Download ROM
AICP 14.0UnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0iodine71Download ROM
CandyUnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0iodine71Download ROM
ValidusOS Beta 4.0UnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0iodine71Download ROM
PixelDirtyOfficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0Bruno_MiDownload ROM
BaikalOSUnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0iodine71Download ROM
COSPUnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0iodine71Download ROM
Ancient Rom-CIVILIZATION v1.1UnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0iodine71Download ROM
PixysOS 2.4UnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0iodine71Download ROM
Superrior OS DestructorOfficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0AdvertpvanDownload ROM
ZirconiumAospOfficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0Gautham AsirDownload ROM
POSP V2.1UnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0rahul.sDownload ROM
AospExtended ROM V6.3UnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0blackman01Download ROM
dotOS v3.0UnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0iodine71Download ROM
SyberiaOS V2.3UnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0RashedDownload ROM
AICP 14.0
UnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0iodine71Download ROM
Pixel ExperienceOfficialBased on AOSP/CAFAndroid 9.0Aryan GuptaDownload ROM
Havoc OS 2.6OfficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0linuxlover1337Download ROM
SuperiorOS-NemesisUnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0iodine71Download ROM
Bootleggers ROM VoLTEUnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0taranhora Download ROM
AospExtended v6.2UnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0blackman01Download ROM
COSPUnofficialBased on AOSPAndroid 9.0Alwyn_NDownload ROM
crDroid Android v5.4UnofficialBased on LOSAndroid 9.0iodine71Download ROM
Beetle OSUnofficialBased on LOSAndroid 9.0Sourav GopeDownload ROM
Liquid Remix ROM V-10.0.5UnofficialBased on LOSAndroid 9.0RahulDownload ROM
Lineage OS v16.0UnofficialBased on LOSAndroid 9.0Shivam Kumar JhaDownload ROM
Mokee OSOfficial, TrebleBased on LOSAndroid 9.0rama982Download ROM
XenonHDUnofficialBased on LOSAndroid 9.0iodine71Download ROM
Resurrection Remix 7.0.2UnofficialBased on LOSAndroid 9.0iodine71Download ROM

Details on how to flash LOS based ROMs

With the latest changes in Google and LineageOS teams, the new ROMs can be only flashed on encrypted “data” partition.

When switching from stock MIUI ROM doesn’t format “data” partition, cause it’s encrypted by default. Simply complete all other steps.

In case “data” partition is already decrypted, then simply flash any MIUI ROM version, you don’t even need to reboot into it. Also you can do this without any reinstalls. Open “Settings” > “Security” > “Encrypt data”.

Pay attention, that if the encryption is enabled, you may require a password when entering TWRP, don’t worry, this is how it should be.

How to switch from MIUI to Custom ROM?

Important notice: there’s no built-in firmware in Custom ROMs, so it won’t change the current version of the bootloader and modem. This means that it won’t get bricked device.

  1. When you first time flash the Custom ROM, data partition will be erased, so make sure you make all the required backups. We can recommend Titanium Backup or MyBackup app. Photos and music you can simply save on your PC.
    1. If you do backup in TWRP remember to remove any locks.
  2. Download Custom ROM you want to flash and the corresponding version of Gapps. Move these to phone internal memory.
  3. Boot into TWRP, make full wipe (system, data, internal memory, caches), reboot in recovery once again. After reboot, format “data” partition. Reboot once again. If you’re installing LOS based ROM, no need to format “data” partition.
  4. After all the steps above we have crystal clear device and we can continue with ROM and Gapps installations.
  5. In TWRP open “Install” menu, locate downloaded ROM .zip archive and GApps, add additional patches in order in case you have some.
  6. Confirm with swipe.
  7. Wait around 10 minutes until installation is fully finished and your phone reboots into the system.
  8. Enjoy newly installed ROM.

Share you experience and honest opinions on the custom firmware in the comments section below. Maybe you’re using one already or know which one is the best, don’t hesitate to give your suggestions to the community.