XOSP 7.1 Custom Rom for Mi5

[Download] XOSP 7.1 Custom Rom for Xiaomi Mi5

Download XOSP 7.1 Custom Rom for Mi5

[OPTIMIZED][ROM] XOSP 7.1 [7.1.1 r_9][RELEASE 7][REVISION 2][UNOFFICIAL][13/01/17]

Required for installation:

  • TWRP recovery
  • Unlocked bootloader

What’s XOSP?

So what is XOSP custom ROM? This ROM is based on SONY open-source firmware code. This project was first started by @nilac for Samsung Galaxy S+ a few years ago. The ROM was called S+ Reborn. The main thing of this exact ROM is to include Sony apps and make it as lightweight as possibly. It soon became a very successful project and then renamed into XOSP. It was ported to many Android devices including Xiaomi Mi5

XOSP 7.1 For Mi5 Main Features

    • Cyanogen Mod 14.1 (LineageOS)
    • Customizable navigation bar
    • Xperia style interface
    • Interface colors
    • XOSP Changelog
    • XOSP Equalizer
    • XOSP N custom boot animation
    • Xperia XZ wallpapers & fonts
    • Battery saving
    • Custom browser app
    • Double tap to sleep
    • and more…

Included XOSP 7.1 Sony apps

Included apps
  • XperiaHome
  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Email
  • XperiaServices
  • Xperia Keyboard
  • Sony Album
  • Sony Walkman
  • PhotoAnalyzer
  • Image editor
  • Dictaphone
  • Clock and weather widget
  • Weather app

How to install XOSP 7.1 Custom Rom on Xiaomi Mi5

In case you’ve flashing XOSP ROM for the first time:

  1. Download latest version of XOSP and GApps
  2. Reboot in TWRP recovery
  3. Wipe “data”, “system”, “dalvik” and “cache”
  4. Install ROM
  5. Reboot

In case you’ve updating XOSP ROM to the newest version:

  1. Reboot in TWRP recovery
  2. Wipe “davlik” and “cache”
  3. Install XOSP
  4. Reboot

Download XOSP 7.1 Unofficial Custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi5

XOSP 7.1 7.1.1 r_9: XOSP-RL7-REV2-UNOFFICIAL-20170113-gemini.zip

XOSP Apps Pack: XOSPApps-Universal-7.2-06-01-2017.zip

Sony BatteryAdviser App: BatteryAdviser-RL7-REV2-FIX.zip