In case you were looking for working Xposed version for Mi5s Plus here it is! Here you can download latest working Xposed version for your device. It is very easy to install and you’ll find the step-by-step guide below. Note! Unlocked bootloader is required.

How to install Xposed on Xiaomi Mi5s Plus

  1. First you’ll need to install custom recovery and get root. You can find these tutorials on our website or just simply google it.
  2. Next install XposedInstaller_3.1.1.apk
  3. Reboot into recovery and install patch xposed-v87-sdk23.
  4. Next reboot into system.
  5. First startup will take around 5-10 minutes.
  6. In case you want to uninstall xposed module reboot into recovery and install

Download Xposed for Mi5s

Main installation file: XposedInstaller_3.1.1.apk

Patch file:

Xposed uninstaller: