Flash Global ROM on Redmi 4 Prime

[Guide] How to flash MIUI Global ROM on Redmi 4 Prime

In this guide we are going to explain the process of updating your Redmi 4 Prime / Redmi 4 Pro device with locked bootloader from China Stable ROM to Global ROM without connecting test points, dissembling device or cutting USB cables. It is highly recommended to use PC with 64-bit Windows 10 version.

Flashing Global ROM on locked Redmi 4 Prime / Redmi 4 Pro

Ok, to begin with we will be downgrading our current ROM version (China Stable ROM in this case) to V8.0.6.0.MBECNDG. Let’s continue!

Downgrading Redmi 4 Prime / Pro to MIUI 8 China Stable V8.0.6.0

  1. Download China Stable V8.0.6.0.MBECNDG ROM from official MIUI website: download here
  2. Connect your device to PC and create a new folder on your phone internal memory, name it something like “mirom” and copy downloaded China Stable ROM to this folder.
  3. Connect to any available WiFi network and open “Updater” app. Now tap on the (…) three dots icons in the top bar and select “Choose update package” > Next find the previously created folder “mirom”, select downloaded China Stable ROM and press OK.
  4. Flashing of China Stable ROM should start, your device will be reboot and all data will be deleted.
  5. At this point you should have China Stable ROM installed on your Redmi 4 Prime / Pro device.

Preparing to flash Global ROM on Redmi 4 Prime

Below you’ll find everything that is required before we start flash Global ROM

Flash Global ROM on Redmi 4 Prime / Pro

Now the most interesting part. Buckle your seat belts and we begin.

  1. We will start by booting our Redmi 4 Prime device in EDL mode (also called “download mode”). To do this press and hold “Volume +” and “Power” button, after short vibration signal release both buttons and select “download” in the boot menu.
  2. Connect your phone to PC and wait for all the drivers to be installed. In the end you should see your Redmi 4 Prime phone in device manager and it should be identified as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COMX). If your device is identified as Relink HS-USB QDLoader 9008, then continue to this guide for a quick solution – Redmi 4 is identified as Relink HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COMX).
  3. Let’s continue by starting MiFlash. Press “Select” and find extracted ROM folder with “images” folder in it. The path should look like this: C:\anyfoldername\markw_global_images_V8.1.2.0.MBEMIDI…
  4. In MiFlash press “Refresh” button. In “Device” column you should see your connected device with the same COM-port number as it was identified in Device Manager.
  5. In the bottom of MiFlash app select “clean all”.
  6. Now press “Flash” button and wait until flashing process is finished. Usually it takes around 5 minutes. If everything was successful in the “result” column you will see “success” message on a green background.
  7. Disconnect your device from PC and reboot it by pressing “Power” button for some time.
  8. First startup will take around 15-20 minutes. If you see some kind of progress bar on your device that’s pretty much ok, just wait.

In case you’ve got some errors or troubles during the process you should first try different MiFlash version. In case this didn’t help, then try to connect your device to different USB port or use other PC.

Hope this will be helpful and good luck!