Flashing Xiaomi Mi Max with MultiROM

[GUIDE] Flashing Xiaomi Mi Max with MultiROM

Please note that there are 2 rom versions of the firmware: “Hydrogen” – Mi Max with 32GB internal memory and “Helium” – Mi Max with 64GB and 128GB.

How to flash Xiaomi Mi Max with MultiROM

  1. Your device must be unlocked.
  2. Install TWRP from fastboot
  3. Get rid of the “data” – use this command “fastboot format userdata”
  4. Enter TWRP from fastboot mode, make sure you bypass the system loading, or TWRP will be replaced with the original Mi Recovery firmware.
  5. In TWRP mode your device will be recognized by the computer as a flash drive, just copy the MultiROM file to the internal memory.
  6. If you didn’t format the “data” partion (it’s not encrypted), then you need to wipe “data”.
  7. Install the firmware by clicking “Install” in TWRP.