Root Meizu M5 Phone

[Guide] How to get root on Meizu M5

In this short and very simple guide we are going to show you on how to get root permissions on your Meizu M5 phone.

How to root Meizu M5 device

To root Meizu M5 follow the simple steps:

  1. Enter “Settings” menu and scroll down until you’ll find “Flyme account”.
  2. Sign in into your Flyme account. If you ain’t got one already, then simply register it.
  3. Go back to the “Settings” menu and open “Security”.
  4. Find and tap on the “Root access”.
  5. Scroll down, select “Accept” and press “Ok”, then enter your Flyme account password.
  6. Your phone will reboot, don’t worry, that’s how it goes.
  7. After device reboot, enter the “Settings” > “Security” > “Root access” and you’ll see the list of apps.
  8. Root access is granted! Now when any application will require root access, you’ll see a popup notification. You can then give the app root access or disable it.