Best Custom ROMS for Mi5S

[Download] Best Custom ROMS for Xiaomi Mi5S

Below we collected all the latest versions of most popular custom roms for Xiaomi Mi5S device. Please remember that you’re flashing custom roms at your own risk and we’re not responsible for any possible issues. Of course, you must have unlocked bootloader and TWRP custom recovery installed on your device.

Download Nougat Custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi 5S

Here you can download the most popular custom roms for Mi5S for example Lineage OS 14.1 and Ice Cold Project Unoffical Build. But first we are going to explain briefly the process of flashing custom ROM and GAPPS on Mi5S device.

How to flash custom ROM on Xiaomi Mi 5S

  1. Download and copy ROM .zip file to phone internal memory.
  2. Turn off your device completely.
  3. Boot into recovery mode (Volume Up + Power button), after Xiaomi logo hold these buttons for 3 seconds and then release them.
  4. Tap on “Wipe”, then select “Advanced Wipe” and select Dalvik / ART Cache, System, Data, Cache and swipe to wipe.
  5. Press “Install” and select downloaded custom ROM .zip archive. Swipe to confirm flash.
  6. Then wipe dalvik cache.
  7. Reboot your device.
  8. Congratulations! You’ve flashed custom ROM successfully!

Download recommended TWRP version:

How to install GAPPS ARM64 on Mi5S with Custom ROM

  1. Download GAPPS from Open Gapps.
  2. Copy downloaded .zip file with GAPPS into phone internal memory.
  3. Turn off your device completely.
  4. Boot into recovery mode (Volume Up + Power button), after Xiaomi logo hold these buttons for 3 seconds and then release them.
  5. Press “Install” and select downloaded gapps. Swipe to confirm.
  6. Then wipe dalvik cache.
  7. Reboot your device.

Download Lineage OS 14.1 for Xiaomi Mi5S

One of the most popular and stable custom rom for MIUI devices. Here’s a download link for the latest version. (566.9 Mb) – Download Lineage OS 14.1

Download latest version from Android Filehost

Download Ice Cold Project for Xiaomi Mi 5S

AICP or Ice Cold Project is well known community builded custom ROM.

Download Mokee 7.1.1 for Mi5S

Latest version of popular Mi5S custom rom. Currently this is considered as one of the most stable roms available. Check out forum thread on XDA to get more information.

Download Hexa-Project ROM for Mi 5S

This Android 7 Nougat custom ROM is builded on LineageOS-14.1 and includes tons of awesome features. It’s currently on Alpha developing status, so you should be aware of some possible bugs. Continue to XDA for more information.

Download Resurrection Remix Nougat ROM for Mi5S

This is an unofficial build of Android 7.1.1 Nougat ROM called Resurrection Remix v5.8.2 for Xiaomi Mi 5S. This ROM is based on the latest version of Ressurection Remix.

In general this a very well stable ROM with a lot of interface modification settings. This ROM is cleared from Chinese trash files, battery life is very good and fingerprint scanner is working correctly. Network is also working perfectly. Just in case, we recommend to visit XDA forum for more information and latest version.

Download Open Kang Project ROM for Mi5S

Another Android 7 Nougat custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi 5S. Visit XDA forum for more information.

Download VanirAOSP Nougat ROM for Mi5S

Download BeanStalk ROM for Mi 5S

Another Android 7.1.1 custom ROM based on Xiaomi’s stock kernel.

Download AOSiP Android 7 ROM for Mi5S

AOSiP is an Android Nougat custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi 5S. The guys trying to build one of the most quality and stable custom ROM for MIUI community. Visit official XDA thread for more information.

Download AOSGP ROM for Xiaomi Mi5S

Android 7.x Nougat Custom ROM. Based on Lineage OS.

Download Nexus Experience ROM for Xiaomi Mi5S

Developer: Anderson Aragão | Android 7.1.2 | Official website

Here’s the one the of the best Custom ROMs right now: Nexus Experience ROM 11.2. Based on AOSP/LOS. Includes many of the Google Pixel features. Awesome interface and great optimization. Recommended to use.

Download DARK ROM for Xiaomi Mi5S

Author: mo976 | Android 7.1.2 | Based on LineageOS

Download Team-OctOS for Xiaomi Mi5S

Author: Team-OctOS | Android 7.1.2 | Source:

ColtOS ROM for Xiaomi Mi5S

Author: Bushido43 | Android 7.1.2 | Source:

Download DarkNess reDefined for Xiaomi Mi5S

Author: Bushido43 | Android 7.1.2 | Google+ | Telegram

DarkNess reDefined offers you an lagging free experience and tons of features.

Download SudaMod for Xiaomi Mi5S

Author: SudaMod | Android 7.1.2 | Official website

Quite good Android 7 Custom ROM from Chinese developers, based on Lineage OS. Includes substratum engine. Works fine, nothing superfluous.

Download Dirty Unicorns for Xiaomi Mi5S

Author: Frostbite | Android 7.1.2 | Official website

Unofficial Dirty Unicorns 11.6 Custom ROM. Based on AOSP/CAF. Support the developer by visiting forum thread.

Download Slim 7 ROM for Xiaomi Mi5S

Author: SlimRoms | Android 7.1.1 | Official website

Very good alternative to Lineage OS ROM, very clean Android without any trash applications.

Download HalogenOS ROM for Xiaomi Mi 5S

Android 7.1.2

Another quite popular firmware for Xiaomi smartphone. Very stable and widely used. Starts very fast. Recommended to use. Don’t forget to check out XDA thread for installation tutorial.

Download AIM ROM for Mi 5S

Author: jpg3927 | Android 7.1

AIMROM is build on LineageOS. Nothing special about this ROM.

Download AquariOS ROM for Mi 5S

Author: jpg3927 | Android 7.1

Based on LineageOS. Few tweaks, but looks just like any other Lineage based ROM.

Download OwnROM for Xiaomi Mi 5S

Author: OwnDroid Team | Android 7.1 | Official website

OwnROM V4.0, Android 7.1.2 for Capricorn. Released 06.06.2017

Download ViperOS for Xiaomi Mi5S

Author: | Android 7.1

ViperOS v3.1.1. Based on Lineage OS. Required firmware: capricorn-CN-7.5.24-7.0

crDroidAndroid ROM for Xiaomi Mi 5S

Author: Bushido43 | Android 7.1

Another quite popular ROM based on Lineage OS. Have inbuilt adblocker. Very interesting ROM which could be recommended to everyday use.

Download Android 8 Oreo Custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi5S

Here’s a little update to the post! Now you can try and download Android 8 Oreo on your Xiaomi Mi5S phone. Currently you can only download Lineage OS 15.0.

LineageOS 15.0 for Xiaomi Mi5S

Latest version of community built Lineage OS based on Android 8. You can check the official XDA Thread for more information, installation guides and bug-reports.