Checking bootloader lock state on Xiaomi Mi6

How to check bootloader lock status on Xiaomi Mi6

Since Xiaomi Mi6 has been released, we want to post a short guide about one of the most popular question – how do you check bootloader state (locked or unlocked) on Xiaomi Mi 6 device. Before follow this guide, you must have installed ADB / fastboot tools on your PC or laptop. Find important drivers for Xiaomi Mi6 here.

Method of checking bootloader lock state on Xiaomi Mi6

To check bootloader lock status via fastboot:

  1. Connect your device to PC in fastboot mode.
  2. In terminal window enter:
    fastboot oem device-info
  3. If you see “Device unlocked: true” – you’ve got unlocked bootloader.
  4. If you see “Device unlocked: false” – you’ve got locked bootloader.

To unlock bootloader on Xiaomi Mi6, you’ll need to request unlock permissions from MIUI.