Tips and Tricks for your Xiaomi Redmi 4X and Mi6

Quick tips for your Xiaomi MIUI 7 and 8 phones

Here’s a few very simple tips and easy tricks for all Xiaomi users. These quick tips will work on pretty much each and every Xiaomi MIUI phone.

Tips and Tricks for your Xiaomi Redmi 4X and Mi6 phones

  1. Always keep the app notifications disabled from status bar; you certainly don’t want any interruption while taking the screenshot.
  2. Keep a habit of locking the screen when your phone is not in use. It helps you to save more battery so that you can easily browse more web pages and take screenshots of your favorite stuff.
  3. Change the wallpaper every day to improve the look of your phone. You may take screenshots of your favorite sceneries and use these as wallpapers. It is as simple as it sounds and easy to follow!
  4. Switch of the alerts from your phone. There are some nagging features such as chat heads of Facebook conversations, alerts, notifications of various apps that would possibly hang your phone. Instead of real text messages from your friends or family, everything else mustn’t matter to you.
  5. Take screenshots of onetime password or OTPs in performing the transactions. It takes time to find a pen and note it on a diary when you can simply take a screenshot of it.
  6. Restrict mobile data consumption and try to use Wi-Fi for browsing various sites. Wi-Fi is much faster than any mobile data.

Hope you enjoyed reading this small and simple guide for Xiaomi MIUI phones. Also check out a few simple methods on how to make screenshots on your Xiaomi phone.