This guide will be useful for those Xiaomi Mi4c owners who have accidentally formatted the internal memory through recovery and now can’t connect the smartphone in MTP mode. So, in case you want to unbrick Mi4c because of internal memory format, here’s a few easy steps.

Unbrick Mi4c using ADB

  • Download ADB. Let’s assume it’s located at C:\adb
  • Download any custom ROM (in .zip format) and place it in “adb” folder
  • Start CMD and type:
    cd c:\adb
  • Start your device in recovery mode, connect in to your PC via USB cable
  • Enter “Mounts and Storage” and select “Disable MTP”
  • After run another command in CMD:
    adb devices
  • We should see now that device is connected, if not you’ll see “device not found” error message
  • If your smartphone is successfully identified, we can continue with this command:
    adb push "PC file path" "Smartphone file path"
  • You can try another command:
    adb push c:\adb\ /sdcard

That’s all! In case everything went successfully your smartphone should be unbricked.