Newbie FAQ for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

[Guide] Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X User FAQ

Here we collected the most frequently asked questions about one of the latest Xiaomi phones – Redmi Note 4X. We will be very happy if you find this useful.

Newbie FAQ for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

  • What’s bootloader? How to unlock bootloader on Redmi Note 4X?

First thing you’ll need to know is that bootloader is responsive for device startup and recovery mode startup. To unlock bootloader on your device you’ll need to require official permission from MIUI. Here’s the English language link:

The process of unlocking bootloader goes in two stages and takes from 10 minutes to 20 days approximately. We are preparing a full guide about unlocking bootloader on Xiaomi phones and it will be posted here soon.

  • Can I flash my unlocked bootloader device with ROM for locked bootloader? Bootloader will be locked again?

You can flash ROM files for locked bootloader, but it is recommended to check .bat files, MiFlash scripts and recovery files first.

  • Just bought my Redmi Note 4X on AliExpress. What ROM will be installed?

Usually AliExpress devices are being sold with unofficial localized ROM installed. But you can actually ask a seller to flash official ROM before shipping a phone to you.

  • If I’ve bought device with localized ROM, does that means that it comes with unlocked bootloader?

Nope, all devices are sold with locked bootloader.

  • Will I have access to OTA updates?

This depends on installed ROM version. If you’ve bought device with official EN-CH or Global ROM installed, then yes, you’ll have access to OTA updates. Any other localized ROM’s won’t be able to receive updates via OTA.

  • Can I flash unofficial ROM on my Redmi Note 4X with locked bootloader?

Yes, it’s possible. We’re probably going to post a full tutorial in the future.

  • Can I downgrade localized ROM to Official ROM version? Do I need to unlock bootloader for this?

Yes, you can downgrade to Official ROM. Unlocked bootloader is not required.

  • Which ROM version should I download?

You can download any ROM version. It depends what do you want to flash – Official Global / China ROM or any other custom localized ROM.

  • I’ve got 0х8007007b: Open programmer “MPRG*.hex” error while flashing Redmi Note 4X

Here’s a related topic on – MiFlash error (0x8007007b: Open Programer “MPRG*.hex)

  • Which partitions should I select on Redmi Note 4X to make full backup in TWRP and save all my settings?

To make full backup in TWRP recovery including all your personal settings you need to select Aboot, Boot, System, Data partitions.

  • How to hard reset Redmi Note 4X?

To force reboot / hard reset Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X press & hold all three buttons: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button and wait until your phone reboots.

  • How to flash Redmi Note 4X with MiFlash?

If you’ve got locked bootloader, then flash in download mode.

If you’ve got unlocked bootloader, then flash in fastboot mode.

  • How to identify Redmi Note 4X in fastboot mode on my PC?

You need to update “Google Nexus ADB interface” driver to new driver from “Composite USB device” drivers list.

  • How to keep unlocked bootloader when flashing new ROM?

Backup aboot partition and restore it with twrp 3.0.2-1 or higher.

  • How to make recovery if recovery mode can’t see any backup files?

Read the solution here – MIUI Recovery can’t find backup files

  • How to distinguish ROM for MiFlash from TWRP Recovery ROM?

In unpacked MiFlash ROM you’ll have one “images” folder and a bunch of other files, while in unpacked TWRP Recovery ROM you’ll see a few different folders.

  • How to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement?

Make sure you’ve disabled driver signature enforcement before flashing any ROM. Read the full guide here – How to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement on Windows

  • How can I check do I have official or unofficial ROM installed on my Redmi Note 4X?

Here’s how you can identify unofficial ROM:

  1. Any ROM version that has more than 4 numbers, for example:, and so on…
  2. Any ROM version between official versions.
  3. Any other ROM with translation mistakes.

  • I’ve got “COM3 Port is busy” error while trying to flash TWRP recovery.

Here’s a solution on how to fix 0х800700aa: open serial port error – COM3 Port is busy – Error while flashing TWRP

  • Could you suggest the best Redmi Note 4X ROM? Which Redmi Note 4X ROM is the most stable? Which ROM has the longest battery life?

It’s very hard to say for sure because different ROMs are working differently on each device.

Redmi Note 4X Rom list

Download Redmi Note 4X ROMS

Below you can find download links for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Official and Custom ROMS.

Redmi Note 4X Official Global ROM

Redmi Note 4X Global Stable ROM
Redmi Note 4X Global Stable ROM
Global Stable ROM
Redmi Note 4X Global Developer ROM 7.6.8
Global Developer ROM 7.2.16
Developer Android Nougat ROM 7.3.9

Redmi Note 4X Official China ROM

China Stable MCFCND

Redmi Note 4X Unofficial Localized ROM

MULTIROM 7.2.9 / Mirror link – Developer 7.2.23 TWRP / Mirror link

Xiaomi.euDeveloper 7.2.24 TWRP Android N

Redmi Note 4X Custom ROMS

Android Nougat 7.x.x

LineageOS 14.1 UNOFFICIAL – Download link / Mirror link

Android Marshmallow 6.x.x

Lineage OS 13.0 UNOFFICIAL – Download link