Goodix fingerprint scanner issue

[Fixed] Issue with Goodix fingerprint scanner on Cyanogenmod 13

There’s is a well known bug with Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro fingerprint scanner not working anymore on Cyanogenmod 13. After installing latest CM 13.1 build the fingerprint scanner stop working. Here’s a simple working solution for this issue I’ve just found.

How to fix Goodix fingerprint scanner issue on the official Cyanogenmod 13 from The strix.

1. Download fix for a fingerprint scanner : – 9.7 MB

2. Download the latest version of Radon 2.9 from xda

3. Install scanner fix through TWRP

4. Install Radon through TWRP & select goodix during installation.

That’s it! I’ve tested this fix on CM13 and it worked perfectly.