Bootloader unlock issue

[Fixed] Stuck at 50% Bootloader unlock issue Redmi 3S

So, if someone dealing with bootloader unlock issue on Redmi 3S or Mi5 or if bootloader unlock stops at 50% then we’ve got a solution. If you can’t find anything related to Xiaomi in Device Manager, and it shows Kedacom usb device, even if you’ve drivers installed? Do you see error message like this: “Can’t verify device. Not connected to Mi phone.”? Here’s the short guide on how to fix this.

Bootloader unlock issue on S3 / Mi5

  1. Download required driver – Marshall-London-KB1501-Windows-Driver.msi – 81.2 MB
  2. Install. You probably will need to press “Yes” if your Windows will ask for.
  3. After installing the driver, start your Mi smartphone in fastboot mode and connect it to your computer.
  4. Open the Device Manager, find Kedacom USB Device, doubleclick on the Android Bootloader Interface, and then press “Update drivers”
  5. Search for the drivers on your computer – Select a driver from a list of already installed drivers.
  6. Find and select the Marshall London Bootloader Interface.

It is possible that it will be required to reinstall the driver every time enter fastboot.