It was just recently that Xiaomi released its Android 8.1 Oreo updates. This update was applied to the first, and thus far, only Android device to be released by the company. That would be the Xiaomi Mi A1. The update has impressed many for a number of reasons. There is no question that there are some impressive improvements to consider.

What you should know about Oreo update?

Unfortunately, while there are some appealing improvements on the table, as far as this update is concerned, there are also some bugs. These bugs and annoyances are such that you just might want to wait, before downloading Xiaomi’s Android 8.1 Oreo update. There are a number of reasons as to why this should be the case.

SMS Bugs In The Oreo Update

Is the bug in the Oreo update so severe, it shouldn’t be released at all? Xiaomi believes this to be the case. The specific problem involves the SMS side of things. If you swipe your message app away from your recent apps screen, you will delete your entire SMS archive! The entire history will be completely wiped out. The second serious bug with the Oreo update involves the SafetyNet failing. This feature is designed to make it easy for a developer to use an API to determine certain issues with a device.

Between these two noted failures, you can begin to see why the bug has been so intensely criticized.

Thankfully, while this is certainly a problem, there does seem to be some sort of solution in play. Acting quickly, Xiaomi made the decision to pull the update from the public. This certainly makes sense, since these bugs make the update largely useless, even with the improvements it still offered. While the company has not specifically indicated the date of the next update, there is no question that such an update will arrive before long. Those who own the device will simply have to wait for the opportunity to download an actual update.

Remember that the Mi A2 is going to becoming out very soon. If you need an indication of when this update will be released without bugs to the public, you can certainly look to the release of that device. It seems logical, after all, that the company will want to make sure everything has been addressed, before that new device is released to the world at large. For now, Xiaomi should perhaps be praised for handling this situation with such acute professionalism.