Hey, guys! Here’s a small update on a Redmi 4X Custom ROMs topic. Yesterday we’ve spotted a two new Android 7.x Nougat Custom ROMs that have just been released and we immediately thought about making a related post here!

Since Xiaomi Redmi 4X is one of the most popular devices in the market and people are really interested in using Custom ROMs on it. So, I hope you’ll find this post useful! Scroll down to find short descriptions and download links for the latest Android 7 ROMs for HM4X (santoni) phone.

Just in case, if you were looking for Redmi 4X Official MIUI Global & China ROM download links, check out this post.

Download Android 7 Nougat Custom ROM for Xiaomi Redmi 4X

Yureka OS 7.1.2 ROM for Redmi 4X

Ported and based on 7.1.2 MIUI Beta version. Check out the source link for more information about this ROM.

Known bugs: fingerprint scanner is not working in this version.

Source Link | YouTube Review | Download | Mirror link

AOSP Lite Mod 7.1.2 ROM for Redmi 4X

Modification of Yureka OS. First startup will be in Russian language, so you’ll need to change it to English or other one. Stock launcher is changed to Nova Mod 5.3 Final. Root is included. If you want to install Gapps, go to http://opengapps.org/ and select ARM64-7.1-Pico.

Known bugs: fingerprint scanner is not working.

Download | Mirror link