Download BiTGApps – Latest Version + Patches

BiTGApps is a very popular alternative installation package for GApps. If you want to install any Custom ROM on your Xiaomi device, you can use this app to easily flash the optimized google applications APK. This version is optimized for better battery consumption and better performace for all system programs and services. This gapps package contains the minimum amount of apps to provide google services full functionality.

Required Android Version: Android Q (10.0.0), Android Pie (9.0.0), Android Oreo (8.1.0), Android Nougat (7.1.2)

Developed by: Kartik Verma (TheHitMan7)

Official Page:

How to Install BiTGApps R17 & Download Links

Two things you should pay attention to before installing the BitGApps:

  • Root access is required!
  • Clean install is important! Don’t install together with OpenGapps, MindTheGApps, NikGApps or any other similar app.
  • If you have an A / B type of device, you must install GApps in the second Slot.

Now you can proceed with installation:

  1. Flash the Custom ROM you want to install.
  2. Reboot.
  3. Install the corresponding version of BiTGApps for the firmware version you’re planning to use. This is important because each version of Android has its right version of BitGApps installation package.
  4. Reboot.

Download links:

BiTGApps R17

BiTGApps R16

BiTGApps R15

BiTGApps R14

BiTGApps R13

Tips: In case of bootloop, you’ll need to install the BiTGApps right after ROM flashing before booting into the system. If previously bought apps are now disappeared, just clear the app data.