Unlock bootloader on Redmi Pro

[Guide] How to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi Redmi Pro

After you’ve successfully unbricked your Redmi Pro smartphone and flashed China Stable Developer ROM you want to unlock your device. Here are simple steps that might help you.

Unlocking Bootloader on Redmi Pro

  1. Apply for unlocking Redmi Pro device here.
  2. After you’ve received your permission to unlock, start your device and connect to WiFi network.
  3. Enable USB debugging in “Developer settings”.
  4. Sign in your Mi account or create a new one. Disable all services and synchronizations.
  5. Turn off your device and start in fastboot mode (Hold volume down and Power button).
  6. Start MiFlash tool and sign in your Mi account.
  7. Connect your device to PC via USB-cable.
  8. Press “UNLOCK” button in MiFlash.
  9. Wait until process is completed and press “Reboot”.
  10. Now start in fastboot mode again to check bootloader status.
  11. Run “check_unlock_status.bat” (find download links below).
  12. You should see “Unlocked: Yes”.
  13. Now you can flash any ROM or custom recovery on Redmi Pro.