How unlock bootloader and skip 360 hours waiting

How unlock bootloader and skip 360 hours waiting

You’ve probably already know about the required 360 hours that you’ll need to wait before you can unlock the bootloader on your Xiaomi smartphone. For a quite some time there was no working solution and all you have to do is to wait. Finally we found a solution that is actually working and been tested for a few times.

Solution to bypass 72 and 360 hours when unlocking Xiaomi MIUI phone

Basically you’ll need to have two different MIUI accounts with unlock permissions. If you don’t know how to request official unlock permission please check for the additional guides on our website. You can get the MI account with the permissions in around 3 hours time.

Bypass 360 hours wait time MiUnlock
Enable developer options on your device and go to “Mi Unlock Status”.
How to skip waiting time unlock mi bootloader
In the “Mi Unlock status” menu tap on the “Add account and device”.

So, prepare two MI account with unlock permissions and let’s get started. This tutorial might seem a little bit complex at first sight, but there is nothing really complicated there.

  1. Sign in the first MI account on your phone and sync with it in developer options. Turn off your device after the sync is successfully completed.
  2. Now sign in to the same account in MiFlashUnlock software.
  3. Turn on your phone in fastboot mode (press and hold volume button down and “Power” buttons at the same time until you’ll see a Mi logo on the screen).
  4. Connect your phone to PC via USB-cable, press “Accept” and continue with installations. The progress bar should appear and when it goes to 99% you’ll see an error message with 72-360 hours wait request.
  5. Disconnect your phone and press “Power” button to turn it on.
  6. Sign out from the 1st account on your device and then sign in to the second account. After you’ve successfully signed into to don’t do nothing and just turn your phone off immediately. Then start in the fastboot mode again.
  7. In MiFlashUnlock sign out the first account and use the second account to log in.
  8. Now connect your phone to PC once again and start the process of unlocking. Everything should work and 360 hours wait time should be skipped.

For those who already tried the unlocking with one single Mi Account and currently waiting for the time to pass, you can just get the second account and start from the Step 6 of this guide. This helped me a lot. If you got your own solutions and corrections to the method above, please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment below. Your help is appreciated!