In case you’ve got an “dummy.bin not found” error while flashing your Xiaomi Redmi 3S / 3X with MiFlash Tool, then here’s a simple solution. The only thing that’s required is a simple text editor.

Solution for not found dummy.bin on Redmi 3S and Redmi 3X – Flashing with MiFlash

  1. Find rawprogram0.xml in “images” folder (images folder is located in extracted ROM folder) and open this file with Notepad, Notepad++ or any other text editing software.
  2. Search for the line with “dummy.bin”. Should look like this:dummy.bin non found solution
  3. Now delete the part with “dummy.bin”. Now the file will look like this:dummy.bin non found solution
  4. Save the changes and try to flash again

This bug appears on Global Developer 6.11.10 ROM version and previous versions also, but solution is pretty simple.