Download and install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Mi6

How to install TWRP Custom Recovery on Xiaomi Mi6

TWRP is a custom (unofficial) recovery that allows you to flash custom ROM on your Android device. The one thing you should now, is that you’ll need to have unlocked bootloader before installing TWRP on Xiaomi Mi6 or other device. That means you need to apply for an unlock and request unlock permission from MIUI. There are a lot of guides available around the web, we’ve also posted a few unlock guides previously, just check our older posts. Also with TWRP Custom Recovery you can backup your system, personal data and much more. Also pay attention, if you’ve got official ROM installed, you won’t be able to receive OTA updates. In this case you’ll need to manually download new ROM version and install it via TWRP.

Download and install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Mi6

  1. Start with downloading TWRP Recovery for Xiaomi Mi6 from the links below or any other source.
  2. Unpack downloaded archive into “C:\twrp” or something similar.
  3. Now boot your device in fastboot mode and connect to PC via USB.
  4. Open command window from the folder with TWRP files.
  5. In command window type “Fastboot devices”.
  6. If your device is identified successfully type “Fastboot flash recovery”. Add another space after “recovery” and drag and drop TWRP file into Command prompt window. You should see full path to recovery. So you’ll see something like “Fastboot flash recovery C:\twrp\recovery.img” (you can also manually type the path to recovery). Press “Enter” to continue installation of custom recovery.
  7. Now to force boot into recovery mode by typing “Fastboot boot C:\twrp\recovery.img”.
  8. Your device will boot into TWRP Custom Recovery.
  9. If TWRP boots in Chinese language, you’ll need to manually change it to English.
    • Press the second button on the third line to enter TWRP settings > Press the globe icon > Change language to English.
  10. To boot into recovery, turn off your device and press “Volume Up” + “Power”. Otherwise open “Updater” app and select “Reboot into recovery”.

Download TWRP For Xiaomi Mi6

Download link: xiaomi-mi6-7to-twrp3.1-recovery.img

TWRP for Xiaomi Mi6 on XDA: