In this post we’re going to share download links for Xiaomi Mi6 MIUI ROM files. Xiaomi Mi6 Global ROM has not yet been released. We will update this post as soon as Global ROM will be released.

Update 15.06.2017: Find Official Global ROM for Xiaomi Mi6 here.

Download Official MIUI ROM files for Xiaomi Mi6

China Stable ROM for Xiaomi Mi6

Languages: English / Chinese

Stable V8.2.17.0.NCACNEC | Recovery | Download

Stable V8.2.17.0.NCACNEC | Fastboot | Download

China Developer ROM for Xiaomi Mi6

MIUI China Developer ROM 7.5.11 | Fastboot | Download

Global Stable ROM for Xiaomi Mi6

Has not yet been released. UPD: Xiaomi Mi6 Official Global Stable MIUI ROM is now available for download via official website and mirror link. Find more information here!

UPDATE: 28.05.2017

For the last few days some other ROM versions for Xiaomi Mi6 has been released: ROM for Xiaomi Mi6 | TWRP | Download

Unofficial Global ROM for Xiaomi Mi6

Here you’ll find a download link for unofficial Global ROM for Mi6 smartphone. We haven’t tested it yet, so we can’t provide any feedback about it. This unofficial ROM is based on China Stable MIUI 8.2.22.

You can find additional information on XDA.

Update 29.05.2017 Multilingual MIUI ROM for Xiaomi Mi6

Here’s another small update. There has been a release of MIUI 8.3 7.5.25 ROM for Mi6 device. As far as we understand this version is much stable then the Unofficial Global ROM we’ve discovered previously. You can find more information and download this version here.

Update 09.06.2017

How to update Mi6 fake MIUI ROM to Beta Global ROM

Here’s a small update for all of those who are waiting for Xiaomi Mi6 Official Global ROM. There’s been a release of Global stable Beta 7.6.1 ROM. But pay attention, that this ROM version was removed from official MIUI website, probably because of some issues. Be careful with this ROM. Here’s a a link on XDA forum, visit it to find more information on how to install this ROM:

Also you can check out this tutorial on how to flash Xiaomi Mi6 with fake ROM to Official Global Developer.

Difference between MIUI Roms

English / Chinese Stable / China Stable: Official MIUI ROM focused for China, with various applications and services relevant only for China. This version receives regular OTA updates.

Global Stable ROM: Multilingual ROM version, relevant for users outside of China. This ROM comes with inbuilt Google Apps. OTA updates are also included. In comparison to China Stable, volume is decreased on Global Stable.

China Developer ROM: China Developer ROM is the most current and innovative ROM version, as it receives all the innovations and new features first. This ROM is official and released by Xiaomi itself. First of all it is created for advanced users to test new and upcoming features.

Global Developer: Pretty much similar to the China Developer ROM, but has more languages available.