MIUIv7 User FAQ – Most Important Stuff

How to add widgets to main screen?
Method 1. In default launcher you can setup widgets by holding left button.
Method 2. Two fingers pinch on main screen – access to widgets and icons.
How to make screenshot on MIUIv7?
“MENU” button + Volume – or move the nav bar down and find “Screenshot” button.
How to remove vibration when I enter text?
Settings > Other settings > Language & Input > Google Keyboard > Additional Settings > Here you’ll find the option
How to remove the countdown which shows every time you try to install an application on a memory card?
You need to allow installation from unknown sources in the privacy settings.
Settings > Other Settings > Privacy > Unknown sources (enable)
How to enable installation of non-Market apps?
Settings > Other Settings > Privacy > Unknown sources (enable)
How can I change fonts?
Themes > Details > Font
How to disable the lock screen?
Settings > Developer Settings > Activate “Disable lock screen”
Can I change the screen timeout?

Settings > Screen lock
How to enable screen lock with flip?
You need to install “Gravity Screen” app.
How to display download speed icon in the top bar?
Enter Settings > Notifications > Network Speed
How to display the percentage of battery power in the notification area?

Settings > Other Settings > Battery and performance > Battery Indicator
How to enable slow-mo video capturing?

First enable HD quality, turn your device in vertical position and swipe to the right. You’ll see slow-mo option.
How to use my own music as a phone call?

Settings > Sound > Ringtone Sound > Here you’ll see list of default ringtones. In the bottom there should be “Browse” round icon. Press on it, choose SD Card, find your tune and put a mark. Ok that’s it!
How to enable data access from second SIM card?

Settings > SIM-cards and mobile networks > Internet > Select right SIM card
How to edit the service buttons?

Settings > Notifications
How do I achieve that desktop background picture is also moved in the appropriate direction with screen swipes, and not stood locked?

You need to disable wallpaper scrolling in the settings. Setting > Wallpapers > Select background > “Enable scroll” in the top right corner.
My phone doesn't see contacts from SIM Card.

Well, that’s pretty simple. Contacts > Settings > Display > SIM-card
How do I enter into the engineering menu?

How to control other appliances & and electronics via IR-port?

I would recommend ZaZaRemote. There’s also proprietary app called MI Remote (not in all firmware versions).
I can't download nothing using the mobile internet (for eg Google Play).

Downloads > Click on the three dots (…) at the top bar > Settings > Download size limit > Unlimited.