How to restore lost IMEI on Xiaomi Redmi Pro

[Guide] How to restore lost IMEI on Xiaomi Redmi Pro

Recently we’ve encountered with lost IMEI problem. So here’s a guide on how to restore IMEI on your Xiaomi Redmi smartphone. This guide also works on Xiaomi Note 4 device.

IMEI restore on Xiaomi Redmi Pro

What caused loss of IMEI?

  • While flashing, accidentally formatted all partitions and IMEI was deleted
  • Locked bootloader
  • No root
  • Can’t unlock bootloader without IMEI


  1. Download and install Maui META ver 9.1604.02.00
  2. Flash weekly ROM (nikel_images_6.9.29_20160805.0000.29_6.0_cn and change cust.img) using SP Flash Tool
  3. Turn off your device
  4. Start Maui META ver 9.1604.02.00
  5. Select “Option – Only preload port”
  6. Press “Reconnect”
  7. Connect your phone via USB cable
  8. In the drop-down menu, select “IMEI download”
  9. In new window press “Change Nvram” and select image from previously installed ROM (MDDB_InfoCustomAppSrcP_MT6797_S00_MOLY_LR11_W1603_MD_MP_V13_18_P50_1_ulwctg_n.EDB)
  10. In “IMEI” field enter IMEI code that is written on the box you’ve bought (last symbol will be automatically used as a control sum)
  11. Enter both IMEI and press “Download to Flash”
  12. Close that window, press “Disconnect” and unplug device from PC
  13. Turn your device on
  14. Congratulations, IMEI is restored!