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Latest news from XiaomiFirmware.com – New server and future plans

Hello, everyone! Today is a great day for XiaomiFirmware website. For the last three days I’ve spend hours dealing with our previous server issues and choosing a new hosting provider. I’ve read tons of reviews and guides and made some decisions. Now we’ve finally finished the migration to the new blazingly fast server and it feels really great!

New server and future plans of XiaomiFirmware

Firstly, we want to say thanks to KnownHost hosting provider, since they really helped us a lot and their support team is fantastic and beyond awesome. Without them we can’t do nothing. Although I’ve been involved in web development for about 5-6 years, I still don’t have enough experience in setting up servers, and KnownHost team done their job perfectly.

Our plans for the nearest feature is to add a small forum to our website. What do you guys think about the forum idea?

We really hope that some you guys will come here not only to ask questions, but also help other users with their problems and issues related to Xiaomi phones & MIUI devices. Since we’re a very small team, who are doing this website as a hobby after our daily jobs. But still we’re trying and doing our best to give answers to your comments and questions.

If you’ve got any suggestions or feedback, please share your thoughts in the comments below. We will really appreciate it!