List of Custom Kernels for Redmi 4X (Santoni)

Download Custom Kernel for Redmi 4X

Hello, comrades! Below we’ve gathered all currently available custom kernels for Xiaomi Redmi 4X smartphone. Since original source code isn’t available no one can guarantee that custom kernel will work 100% stable work. Use these at your own risk.

List of Custom Kernels for Xiaomi Redmi 4X (Santoni)

Pay attention, that Custom kernel won’t work on Android 6 version.

Download Redmi 4X Custom Kernel Patch for not working Wi-Fi and other issues. Required if after flashing Custom Kernel WiFi is not working anymore:

Clarity Kernel for Redmi 4X

Clarity 1.8 | XDA Thread | Download link

HyperFire Kernel for Redmi 4X

HyperFire v2.0 3.18.90 |

Eximious v1 Kernel for Redmi 4X

Developed by: AbhirajSingh

Short description: Support many additional settings and features.

Ghost Kernel for Redmi 4X

Developed by AbhirajSinghOfficial

Download Ghost Kernel:

The Beatrix Beast Kernel for Redmi 4X

Download Beatrix Kernel:

LuisKernel for Redmi 4X

Developed by Freak8224

This version should work on MIUI ROM as well as any Custom ROM.

Download LuisKernel 3.18.89:

Anonymous Kernel for Redmi 4X

Developed by Mr-Skull

Download Anonymous Kernel V2: Android Filehost

Beatrix Kernel for Redmi 4X (Android 8 only)

Short description: Beatrix Custom Kernel for Android 8 Oreo Redmi 4X ROMs. Do not use this kernel on Android 7!

Source: XDA Forum

Download MIUI 3.18.31 Stock Kernel for Redmi 4X


Download (No WiFi):

Use this version to roll back to stock kernel or if custom kernel is not working. Flash via TWRP Custom Recovery. “System” and “Boot” partitions backup is required.