Hello, comrades! Below we’ve gathered all currently available custom kernels for Xiaomi Redmi 4X smartphone. Since original source code isn’t available no one can guarantee that custom kernel will work 100% stable work. Use these at your own risk.

List of Custom Kernels for Xiaomi Redmi 4X (Santoni)

Pay attention, that Custom kernel won’t work on Android 6 version.

Download Redmi 4X Custom Kernel Patch for not working Wi-Fi and other issues. Required if after flashing Custom Kernel WiFi is not working anymore: Custom_Kernel_drivers_santoni.zip

Clarity Kernel for Redmi 4X

Clarity 1.8 | XDA Thread | Download link

HyperFire Kernel for Redmi 4X

HyperFire v2.0 3.18.90 | HyperFire-2.0-20171227-0821-nougat-santoni.zip

Eximious v1 Kernel for Redmi 4X

Developed by: AbhirajSingh

Short description: Support many additional settings and features.

Ghost Kernel for Redmi 4X

Developed by AbhirajSinghOfficial

Download Ghost Kernel: 5_6147716308029931568.zip

The Beatrix Beast Kernel for Redmi 4X

Download Beatrix Kernel: TheBeatrix-kernel_1712.zip

LuisKernel for Redmi 4X

Developed by Freak8224

This version should work on MIUI ROM as well as any Custom ROM.

Download LuisKernel 3.18.89: LuisKernel_3.18.89_dt2s.zip

Anonymous Kernel for Redmi 4X

Developed by Mr-Skull

Download Anonymous Kernel V2: Android Filehost

Beatrix Kernel for Redmi 4X (Android 8 only)

Short description: Beatrix Custom Kernel for Android 8 Oreo Redmi 4X ROMs. Do not use this kernel on Android 7!

Source: XDA Forum

Download MIUI 3.18.31 Stock Kernel for Redmi 4X

Download: Stock_Kernel_MIUI_WiFi.zip

Download (No WiFi): Santoni_Stock_Kernel_From_MIUI_3.18.31_No_wifi.zip

Use this version to roll back to stock kernel or if custom kernel is not working. Flash via TWRP Custom Recovery. “System” and “Boot” partitions backup is required.