In this post we’ll try to list the latest versions of most popular Custom Unofficial ROMs for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK device. This post will be updated as soon as new version will be released. Before installing any of this ROMs, make sure you have unlocked bootloader and TWRP Custom Recovery installed on your device.

Custom Unofficial ROMs for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK

AOSP ROM by Cofface for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK

Android 6.0 – Very stable ROM without any crucial bugs. Sometimes Bluetooth may not work.

Download link | Source link

Patch for AOSP 6.0 ROM

  • Improved performance.
  • Better battery life.
  • Two new applications: Recently & Advanced Reboot Menu.
  • Bluetooth logging disable.

Download link | Source link

AOSP ROM 6.0 MTK Mod by hoangnguyen for Redmi Note 4 MTK

One of the most stable custom unofficial ROM for Redmi Note 4 MTK smartphone.

Download link | Source link

A-ROM 6.0.1 for Redmi Note 4 MTK

Latest update: 25.04.2017 | Android: 6.0.1 | Based on AOSP ROM

Download link | GAPPS | YouTubeSource link

AICP 11 – Android 6.0.1 for Redmi Note 4 MTK

This ROM is a port from Vernee Apollo Lite by Longnt2007.

How to install AICP 11 ROM on Redmi Note 4 MTK

  1. Download ROM and Gapps.
  2. Copy these files to SD card.
  3. Make a full backup of the currently installed ROM.
  4. In TWRP make “Data Wipe / Factory Reset”.
  5. Install the ROM and Gapps.
  6. Reboot. First startup will take around 5 minutes.

Download link | GAPPS | Source link

CyanogenMod 14.1 Alpha (V2) by adrianom for Redmi Note 4 MTK

Popular CyanogenMod ROM for Redmi Note 4 MTK device. Currently in development.

Download link | Source link

Lineage OS 14.1 (Android 7.1.1) for Redmi Note 4 MTK

Unofficial build of Lineage OS 14.1 Android 7 ROM for Redmi Note 4 MTK. This ROM is currently in development. Uses stock kernel.

Download link

How to install Lineage OS 14.1 Android 7 on Redmi Note 4 MTK

  1. Download Lineage OS 14.1 ROM.
  2. Boot into TWRP Recovery.
  3. Make “Wipe data / Factory reset, Cache, Dalvik Cache”.
  4. Install the ROM zip archive.
  5. Install GAPPS (optionally).
  6. Reboot into system.