Files Go - Best file manager for Xiaomi

Google Files Go File Manager Overview

We all know the frustration of running out of space on our smartphones. From videos and pictures, to applications and messages, sometimes it just feels as though the internal storage just isn’t enough to accommodate our needs. And though most phones have expandable storage, that storage is often also not enough to ensure we can hold on to heart warming photos or download more apps to keep us busy during out free time.

This is where Files Go by Google comes in. The extraordinary file manager is an extremely dependable application that allows users to not only free up space on their phones, but also allows users to organize their files and even share files with other users offline.

Google’s Files Go is the Best File Manager for the Xiaomi Mi A1

It is no surprise that this powerful file manager is the perfect application for numerous smartphones, including the Xiaomi Mi A1 which is also powered by Google. This means that the functionality of Files Go fits perfectly with the rest of the phone’s usability. And though the Mi A1 offers an incredible 64GB of storage, Files Go helps open up the possibility of having increased storage for your phone.

Freeing Up Space

Files Go gives users alerts for applications that haven’t been used within the past month, helping users be more in control of freeing up “in-phone” space. This is especially a great tool for individuals that have many different applications downloaded, all inserted into different folders within one’s phone.

Depending on the number of applications that you use, it can become quite easy to lose track of certain applications, allowing them to needlessly take up space on your phone. However, thanks to Files Go programmed alert system and easy to navigate interface, you can find unused applications and quickly delete them from your phone.

Streamlines File Organization

The organizer comes with an intuitive interface, organizing different files based on categories — photos, applications, video, audio, and documents. This helps users find what they’re looking for quickly, while also giving users a general sense of what exactly is taking up a lot of storage on their phones. And for users with tons of in-phone storage and a lot of applications downloaded, the file organizer is a convenient way to streamline and get quicker access to applications.

File Sharing

Many have called Files Go as the android equivalent of Apple’s AirDrop, and rightfully so as Files Go allows users to send and receive files from other users. This can be done be creating a secure hotspot between two users, allowing almost instantaneous transfer of documents, photos, and music.

Final Thoughts

Files Go is definitely an application that many smartphone users have been waiting for. The ability to quickly send files to a friend or colleague, organizing important files on one’s phone, and helping users free up space is a convenience that many Android users will want.

Download from Google Plus | Files Go 1.0.178175053 apk