install SuperSU and use Titanium Backup

How to install SuperSU and use Titanium Backup

After updating to a fresh firmware, I’m used to install Titanium Backup. Awesome app that often helps. I even suggest you to buy a full version. 

The thing is that you can’t fully use Titanium Backup on & MiuPro. To use Titanium Backup on Xiaomi you’ll need additional root access. This can be achieved by installing SuperSU.

Guide on how to install SuperSU and use Titanium Backup with root access.

  1. Download SuperSU from Google Market :
  2. Install & open SuperSU
  3. Press “Continue”
  4. Press “Normal”, after that you’ll see error message “Installation is not successful”. Don’t be afraid.
  5. Look for “Security” app on your phone. Open it.
  6. You’ll see native app interface with a lot of settings. Click “Permissions”.
  7. In the next window click on “Root Access”
  8. Next activate “SuperSU” access. (Press on the switcher)
  9. After that you should see a warning window. Press and hold “Allow” for a few seconds.
  10. Now open SuperSU and repeat steps 3 & 4.
  11. You should see message “Installation is completed! Reboot your device”.
  12. Press “Ok”

Congratulations! After this SuperSU will take control over applications that require root access.

In “Permissions” tab you can set up additional settings:

  1. Autostart: Just move the swipe to the right.
  2. Permissions: As for me, I usually disable this option, because it leads to a lot of modal windows.