How to make Xiaomi Mi A1 battery last longer

How to optimize battery performance on Xiaomi Mi A1

Here we will try to solve problems regarding Xiaomi Mi A1 battery. Share your experience on how to improve and optimize battery performance in the comments below. Read more to find some tips and useful applications.

How to make Xiaomi’s Mi A1 battery last longer

Turning off Google Synchronization on Mi A1

If you want to significantly increase battery performance, try to disable Gmail synchronization. Google Services and Google Account are those things that are constantly synchronizing and transferring network data. Most users don’t require to have their Gmail account synchronized every 15 minutes. To disable this option go to “Settings” > “Accounts” > “Google” > Tap on your account and disable all applications that you don’t need to receive notifications for. Also, if you aren’t using Gmail very often, you can easily turn off Gmail synchronization. If you’re using multiply accounts, don’t forget to disable sync on other accounts as well.

Useful Apps for Xiaomi Mi A1

First of all, you may try to use “Greenify” app. This tool helps you to save battery life by monitoring and disabling different applications, as well as turning on the sleep mode. This tool will also require you to have root access enabled. Let’s also cover some more applications.

BetterBatteryStats – For those who use smartphone at it’s maximum, battery life is very important. By using the BetterBatteryStats application you’ll be able to analyze which application consumes battery more, as well as check other important battery performance statistics.

Disable Service – Enable and disable different services on your Android smartphone to improve battery life.

Greenify – Take full control of background applications.

GSam Battery Monitor – Great tool for monitoring battery energy consumption.