Restore Redmi Note 4 MTK Device

Restore bricked Redmi Note 4 MTK after Global ROM

This tutorial will be helpful for those you have flashed Global ROM but forgot to remove “Preloader” and in result got bricked RN4 device.

How to restore hard bricked Redmi Note 4 MTK after flashing Global ROM

If may successfully install Global ROM, but the smartphone can’t be turned on and in “Device Manager” it is recognized as “MTK USB PORT”.

The solution is actually very simple: you need to flash “Preloader” from China ROM version. You can extract it by yourself, for example from V8.1.10.0.MBFCNDI version, or use the download link below.

China ROM Preloader for Redmi Note 4 MTK: preloader_lcsh6797_6c_lw_m.rar (102.9 Kb)