In this post you’ll find download links for required PC drivers and utilities for your amazing HM4X (santoni) smartphone. All the links are available from our server, so you can be sure to have an amazing download speed and absolutely clean files. Don’t forget to check out our complete user guide / FAQ on Redmi 4X phone.

Updated 05.07.2017:

  • Added Mi Unlock 2.2.624.14

Download PC Drivers and Utilities for Xiaomi Redmi 4X / Prime

MIUI ROM Flashing Tool for Redmi 4X

Official software for flashing Xiaomi phones using the PC or laptop.

MIUI ROM Flashing Tool (MiFlash) | 2017.4.25.0 | Download

MIUI ROM Flashing Tool (MiFlash) | 2016.12.22.0 | Download

MIUI ROM Flashing Tool (MiFlash) | 2016.08.30.0 | Download

MIUI ROM Flashing Tool (MiFlash) | 2016.04.01.0 | Download

Mi Unlock for Redmi 4X

Official software for unlocking bootloader on Xiaomi phones using the PC or laptop.

Mi Unlock | 1.1.1111.11231 | Download

Mi Unlock | 2.2.406.5 | Download

Mi Unlock | 2.2.624.14 | Download

Mi Unlock | 2.3.803.10 | Download | Mi Unlock Full Tutorial

QDLoader HS-USB Driver for Redmi 4X

Qualcomm USB Drivers which are required for flashing Xiaomi phones. Check out this post for more information on how to install Qualcomm USB Drivers on your Windows PC the right way.

QDLoader HS-USB Driver | 32/64-bit | Download

ADB Driver Lite and Platform-tools (adb/fastboot) for Redmi 4X

Drivers and tools for the ADB mode.

Platform-tools (adb/fastboot) | r.26.0.0 | Windows | Download

Platform-tools (adb/fastboot) | r.23.1.0 | Windows XP Support | Download

Platform-tools (adb/fastboot) | r.26.0.0 | Linux version | Download

Platform-tools (adb/fastboot) | r.26.0.0 | macOS version | Download

Platform-tools (adb/fastboot) | r.26.0.2 | Windows | Download

Platform-tools (adb/fastboot) | r.26.0.2 | Linux version | Download

Platform-tools (adb/fastboot) | r.26.0.2 | macOS version | Download

Minimal ADB and Fastboot

Minimal ADB and Fastboot | 1.4.2 | Setup | Download

Minimal ADB and Fastboot | 1.4.1 | Portable | Download

15 seconds ADB Installer | 1.4.3 | Download

Other Tools

HashTab | Download | Tool for checking MD5 hash of downloaded files

USBDeview | Download x64 / Download x86 | Tool for checking the list off all USB devices with the possibility of their removal from the system