How to Install Google Pixel 2 Launcher on Xiaomi Mi A1

How to Get Google Pixel 2 Launcher for Mi A1 (no root)

The new Pixel 2 Launcher for Xiaomi A1 is released. It’s working perfectly, and does not require root access. Here you can learn more about its features and how to get it on your Xiaomi A1.

Pixel 2 Launcher Features

The new Pixel 2 Launcher enables Google Now and Google Weather without installing it as a system app. It has a pull-down-to-open-notifications gesture. Pixel 2 Launcher includes a fix for the blue folder issue on Xperia devices. In this release, the accent color is changed to Pixel blue. You have an option to choose between the different themes (like the dark theme and dark text theme).

It features a Force-Circle-Icons and a Force-Colored-Google-logo options. Also, the notification badges for M & N are enabled.

How to Install Google Pixel 2 Launcher on Xiaomi Mi A1

Before jumping in the installing process, you must uninstall your old Pixel Launcher (if you already have one). Then, you can download the APK file. You don’t need to do anything complicated for the installation process. Just install it like a standard APK file. Here are the steps.

  1. Open your browser and download the APK file from the following link.
    Download Link to Google Pixel 2 launcher
  2. You will see it downloading on your device. Once the download finishes, open Downloads.
  3. Tap on the APK file, and choose install. Now, the APK file will install on your device, and you can start using it.

Help and tips: If the notification badges are not working you will need to go through the following steps.

  1. Go to the apps section in the device settings.
  2. Now, press advanced menu.
  3. Go to “Special access” and then chooseNotification access.”
  4. The final step is to allow Pixel Launcher notification access.

If Pixel 2 launcher is crashing, attach a logcat to report the issues. In some cases Google Weather might not work. If this happens on your device, you need to make sure that your Google app is updated to the latest version and is installed as a system app. If the icons are not rounded then it’s up to your ROM to decide which icon style it uses.


In this version of Pixel launcher, the popup arrow on small screens is fixed. Also, it includes options to remove the white gradient under the dock. There is an automatic dark theme and the crash on MM that happened in previous versions is fixed. Also, developers included an option to enable a dark text and a toggle to disable “At A Glance.“

The notifications pulldown is notably improved. There is an option to turn on the included dark theme, and a shortcut to enable notification access. With this launcher, you can force add a colored Google logo on any wallpaper. The search bar in the app drawer is slightly changed, and has a rounded shape. For the devices without a navigation bar, it automatically adds a bottom margin.

All in all, it is an entirely functional launcher with a couple of extra functionalities and features. It is definitely worth trying on your Xiaomi A1.