In this post you’ll find a solution for Google Contacts Synchronization and some information on how to install GAPPS on Xiaomi Mi 6 device. There’s an issue that Google Contacts don’t sync after installing GAPPS.

How to install GAPPS and fix Contacts Sync Bug on Xiaomi Mi6

This tutorial is for China Stable MIUI ROM.

  1. If you’ve failed previously with GAPPS installation on Xiaomi Mi6, then reset your device by going to “Settings” > “Additional settings” > “Backup” > “Reset” > “Factory reset”. This will delete all data from your device! Since before installing GAPPS the right way, you must first remove all previous installation data.
  2. Check out and follow this post carefully to install GAPPS on Xiaomi Mi6 device. You can download all required files here:
  3. After you’ve successfully installed on Google applications and rebooted your device. Go to “Settings” > “Installed apps” > find “Contacts storage”, tap on it and delete application data.
  4. Now go to “Settings” > “Other accounts” > “Google” > in the bottom find “More” button and select “Sync now”. After that calendar, notes, contacts, etc. will be updated.
  5. You can also delete all unnecessary Chinese applications, like Weibo and etc. Now make a backup of clean system with installed GAPPS.