Recently developers created a port of the popular Google HDR+ camera module for Snapdragon devices that allow HDR+ to work flawlessly. We gonna take a look at the one specifically made for Xiaomi devices. So, if you want to add a highly-functional camera app to your Xiaomi Redmi 4x, check the rest of this article.

How to install Google HDR+ Camera Module with Slo-Mo and Lens Blur on Redmi 4x

The first thing you need to do in order to start the procedure for enabling this module on your Xiaomi Redmi 4X, you need to enable camera2api. You can do this with build prop editor. Or alternatively, you can flash this Magisk Module version 13 using TWRP. Google camera does NOT work without Camera2APi, so make sure you enable it on your ROM with build.prop or use Magisk Module. Check the following sections for the details

Enable camera2api Using build.prop

Google camera HDR+ Mod is working on Xiaomi Redmi 4x (and possibly with other Xiaomi devices). However, to enable it you will need to add this code to your build prop.

Code: “

After you’ve done it you can skip the following step and continue with the procedure.
Enable camera2api Using Magisk module
The other way for enabling camera2api on your Xiaomi device is using Magisk module. This will work for Xiaomi devices because the port was originally meant for the Mi5s and may be using Xiaomi specific hardware.

To enable camera2api with Magisk module, download this file and flash it using TWRP.

Google Camera


  • HDR+
  • Flash
  • Zoom
  • Front camera
  • Slo-Mo
  • Stabilization and autofocus
  • Panorama
  • PhotoSphere
  • Lens Blur

Latest Version (in testing phase):

The latest version of this module is 2017/11/21 – GCMod5 based on Mod By B-S-G (gcam5.1.016 –Arnova8g2-1.2.apk)

Changelog and Download: GCam5.1.016-Arnova8G2-v1.2.apk

Because this is a relatively new version, we need to test the settings and find what is the best this device.

If you want to optimize the camera for motion photos, choose Nexus6p, Nexus6 Auto, or all Pixel, in Config camera HDR+.

If you want more detailed images, you can choose Pixel 2XL or Nexus 6P in Model. Also, set HDR+ parameters to Medium or a higher level.

To enable HDR+ Ui button, you will need to go to setting then Advanced and HDR+ control.

Note: Make sure you restart the app for the new settings to be applied.

Stable Version

2017/10/16- Mod by B.S.G based on Google camera v4.4.20 (MGC_4.4.20_7.OH_C2API_v.4.2_Allinone_Full_manual)

ChangeLog and download: MGC_4.4.20_7.0H_C2API_v.4.2_AllinOne_Full_Manual.apk

SLO-MO in Google HDR Camera Module

Slo-Mo in Google HDR Camera module is working in 480p SD. To enable Slo-Mo, you need to flash Gcam_Camera2Api via TWRP. You can use G Cam 5.1 for Slo-Mo without greenish tint.

To download click the following link:

Short Instructions for Successful Installation:

  • Instal Magisk 14.1 +
  • Enable cam2 API via the Magisk module. You can also do that using build.prop.
  • Flash Slo-Mo zip via TWRP (available above on dropbox link) Gscam 4.4 is included in the zip file.
  • Instal Gcam 5.1

After this instruction, Slo-Mo will work and its tested in all the custom ROMs.