Extend Xiaomi Poco F1 Battery With These Steps

Tips on how to optimize Pocophone F1 battery life

Hello guys! Here we want to describe and tell you the methods on how you can optimize the MIUI10 Global ROM on Poco F1 device for a longer battery life. So let’s get started and check out all available methods one-by-one.

Extend Xiaomi Poco F1 Battery With These Steps

First of all, open “Security” > then “Data transfer” > “Network” and start disabling both Wi-Fi and mobile internet access to the applications you don’t use and don’t require network connection to work. Also you can turn off network access for those application that you don’t want to have access to the network.

We need to do this to be sure that these applications aren’t using any network connections while working in background and overloading the smartphone battery without any special reason. Also pay carefully attention to any additional apps from Facebook and especially to “msa” app (this one is responsible for loading additional ads on your phone).

Now, at the same page, click on the “Three Dots” icon in the top right corner and and go to “Background Connections”, disable all the applications, even the system ones. You can leave the ones you want to receive notifications from (Telegram, Instagram, Facebook etc).

Next, we will go to “Settings”, tap on “Battery and performance” > go to the “List of applications” and find the “Activity Control”. Again click on the “Three Dots” icon in the right corner and then tap on “System Application”. Now we will select those apps that we don’t expect to receive notifications or don’t want to receive them in the first place, so that they don’t load the battery in the background. Also we will need enable limits for each app we want to block.

Without leaving “Settings”, go to “Additional Settings” > “Authorization & revocation” and disable the following apps: MiVideo, msa, MiuiDaemon, Report, Downloads. Wait until 10 seconds pass and confirm. Don’t forger to disable “msa” app (sometimes this app is responsible for additional ads on your smart).

Now in “Additional settings” > “Special Access” > here you can disable applications access in additional details. Basically choose and app and disable everything to save battery life. Pay attention to “Notification access” and disable the following apps: Android Device Settings, Analytics, MSA, Xiaomi Service Framework.

Go back to “Settings” main page > go to “Synchronization” and disable all automatic sync. Also go to Google Account and disable all google sync, in case you’re planning to use it. This will definitely help to extend your battery.

Now we’ll visit “Permissions and Auto-start” menu and disable everything that we don’t require. Don’t forget to tap on “Three Dots” icon to display system application in the list. I highly recommend to disable pretty much all apps that you’re not using all the time.

Also pay a visit to “Apps permissions” and check each and every in order. Check and disable everything that you’re not required, for example turn off GPS permissions for the applications that are not required this.

Now for the most interesting part here, we want to disable all the advertisement in MIUI firmware.

Go to “Security” > press the “gear” icon in the top and disable “Receive recommendations”. Open “Clear” app and turn off
“Receive recommendations” once again.

Now open “Explorer”, tap on the three lines icon in the left top corner, go to “Settings” > “Information” and also disable recommendations here as well. Do the same for “Themes” and “Downloads” application.

Thank you for reading! That was all the recommendation we can share right now. If we missed something or forgot to describe it, please share your methods in the comments below!