Top Applications for Xiaomi MIUI Android Smartphones in 2017

Download Best Android Apps for Xiaomi MIUI Phones

Hello, my friends! I’ve been thinking for a while to make a post like this and list the best Android applications for MIUI phones in my opinion! I’ve tried to organize them by categories and provide you with download links.

Top Applications for Xiaomi MIUI 8 and MIUI 9 Android Smartphones in 2017

System Optimization and Cleaning Apps for Xiaomi MIUI Phone

SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

This app will help you to delete all usefulness and temp files from your device and get more free space. The main purpose of this app is to remove trash which is left from previously deleted Apps on your Android system. It’s recommended to clean your system at least once per month.

Google Play | XDA Thread

Wakelock Detector v2.0.4 Free

Wakelock Detector (or simply WLD) is a tool to find apps which are not allowing your device to go to sleep mode and turn the screen off automatically.

Google Play | Download: Wakelock Detector Lite_2.0.4.apk

Greenify – Android Task Manager

Greenify app helps to identify and turn off system processes and services (network connection, device lock, installation or application updates). With Greenify app you can actually optimize the performance of your device and get more free RAM and longer battery life.

Below you’ll find download link for the latest Greenify 3.6.2, which has been released on 22.08.2017. To use Greenify at it’s full power you’ll need to root your phone.

Official website | Google Play

System App Remover – Application Manager

Another great system application which helps to safely remove system and user applications from your Android smartphone. Check out the Google Play link for more information and find download links for the latest System app remover 3.6.3 version below. This application requires root.

Official website | Google Play

Tools and Utility Applications for Xiaomi MIUI Phones

App Cloner – Create Application Copies

App Cloner 1.4.7 is an alternative cloning applications with many additional features. Create copies of installed applications and use different versions of the same app at the same time.

Google Play | Download: App Cloner v1.4.7.apk

Root Explorer – Android File Manager

This is one of my favorite and most advanced android file manager application. To use Root Explorer on your phone, you’ll need to enable root first. Visit the Google Play store page to find more information about this great application and download Root Explorer 4.1.6.

Google Play

ColorNote – Notepad Application for Xiaomi Redmi Phone

One of the best notepad apps for Android smartphones. If you’re looking for a simple yet power text editor, ColorNote app is definitely worth a try.

Official website | Google Play | Download: ColorNote 3.11.13.apk

Sleep as Android – Best Android Alarm Clock

Smart alarm clock with a lot of customization options. Sleep as Android is one of the best alarm apps on Android platform. Visit Google Play and download latest 20170821 version today.

Official website | Google Play

AZ Screen Recorder – Best Android Screen Recording App

This is by far the best screen recording application for Android OS. I’ve been using this tool for many months and it really helped me a lot in my work. The great thing is that AZ Screen Recorder is completely free to use and it comes without any time restrictions or watermarks. It doesn’t require root.

Google Play | Download AZ Screen Recorder v4.8.7: AZ Screen Recorder v4.8.7.apk

WiFi Analyzer – Search for WiFi Networks

With WiFi Analyzer you can easily scan for available WiFi networks around you.

Google Play

Moon+ Reader – The Best Book Reader for Xiaomi MIUI 8 and 9

Been using Moon+ Reader on every Android device I had. I’ve tried many book readers and this app is my personal choice. It’s been on market for a long time and many of you probably already know it.

Google Play

Multimedia Applications for Xiaomi MIUI Smartphones

MX Player – Best Multimedia Application for Xiaomi

MX Player is by far one of the most advanced video player apps for Android OS. With MX Player you can easily play almost all video formats on your phone, including .3gp, .avi, .divx, .f4v, .flv, .mkv, .mp4 and many more. Another great feature, is that MX Play support subtitle files like .srt, .ssa, .sub etc…

Official website | Google Play | Download MX Player 1.9.5 Free: MX Player v1.9.5.apk

Music (Walkman) – Music Application for Xiaomi MIUI

This ported version of Sony Xperia music application is one of my favorite music apps on Android OS.

Google Play | Download Music 9.3.10.A.0.7: Music 9.3.10.A.0.7.apk | Xperia Framework

Poweramp – Another Great Audio Player for Xiaomi MIUI

Poweramp is a very cool audio player app with ton of options and features. Check out the Google Play link to download trial version.

Official website | Google Play

Ad-Block Applications for Xiaomi Smartphones

MinMinGuard – Xposed module which removes ads from applications.

YouTube AdAway – Xposed module which remove ads from youtube.

AdAway – Ad-blocker application for Android OS. You’ll need to enable root to use this tool.

Interface and Appearance Modules for Xposed