How to flash Global ROM on Mi Mix

Flash Global ROM on Mi Mix with Locked Bootloader

In this post we will show you how to flash official Global MIUI ROM on Mi Mix phone with locked bootloader. So if you’ve got a fresh Xiaomi Mi Mix device with China MIUI ROM installed and you want to flash Global ROM without unlocking the bootloader, this tutorial is for you.

How to flash Global ROM on Xiaomi Mi Mix without Unlocked Bootloader

  1. First charge your device to 100%.
  2. If you just open the box, then turn on your device and complete the startup setup. It’s required that you connect to WiFi, skip everything else. Wait until complete loading.
  3. Enable “Developer options”. Go to “Settings” > “About phone” and tap a few times on “MIUI version”. You will see a message that developer options are now enabled.
  4. Now enable “USB debugging”. Go to “Settings” > “Additional settings” > “Developer options” and enable “USB debugging”.
  5. Connect your device to PC using the stock USB cable. When you see a “USB for charging” message, tap on it and select “Transfer files (MTP)”.
  6. Download the latest China Developer MIUI ROM for Mi Mix. Check out this post for the latest Xiaomi Mi Mix ROMs.
  7. Copy downloaded ROM .zip archive to your phone. On your PC or laptop open “My Computer” > “Mi Mix Smartphone” > “Internal storage” > “Download”. In “Download” folder copy downloaded China Developer ROM .zip file.
  8. Now we will install China Developer ROM. Tap on the “Tools” > select “Updater” app > In the opened window tap on the “three dots” icon, select “Choose update package”, go to “Download” folder and select previously copied .zip file. Press “Ok” in the bottom of the screen to continue.
  9. Wait until file checking is completed, confirm “Erase and Update” message with “Ok”.
  10. Your phone will reboot and flashing process will start. After installation is completed the phone will reboot in system.
  11. Now repeat the 2-4 steps and enable “USB Debugging”.
  12. Install Chinese version of Mi PC Suite 2.3.0. Find download link below, unpack the archive and install Mi PC Suite 2.3.0 (CN). After installation, check for updates by pressing the small round blue icon in the bottom left of the screen. The Mi PC Suite will be turned off, updated and automatically reboots.
  13. Now download latest Global ROM for Mi Mix. Check out this post for the latest Xiaomi Mi Mix Global ROMs.
  14. Let’s continue with installing the Global ROM. Turn off your device, press “Volume Up” and “Power” button at the same time. Hold both buttons until the Mi logo appears, then release the “Power” button and continue to hold the “Volume +” button.
  15. When you see a picture with smartphone and cable on the screen, release the “Volume Up” button.
  16. Now connect your device to PC.
  17. In Mi PC Suite, press the big orange button, in the new window press you’ll see the 3 buttons, press on the first one. Locate the Global ROM from your PC.
  18. The flashing process will take around 15-20 minutes.
  19. After installation is completed your device will automatically reboot.
  20. If on the first startup the Mi logo is displayed  for a long time and the smartphone does not boot into the system, then press the “Volume Up” + “Power” buttons at the same time, hold both buttons pressed until the screen turns on and the Mi logo appears, then release the power button and continue to hold the “Volume Up” button. When you see a picture with smartphone and cable on the screen, release the “Volume Up” button. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable. In the Mi PC Suite, press the large orange button, and then in the opened window, click on the middle button. Press the button with orange Chinese symbols to continue. This will clear the phone memory and your device will automatically reboots into system.
  21. After reboot, select the English language and required region, continue with the first startup setup.
  22. That’s it! We’ve successfully installed Global ROM without unlocking the bootloader.