Flashing TWRP Custom Recovery Tutorial for Mi 6X (wayne)

How to install TWRP and root Xiaomi Mi 6X

In this tutorial you’ll learn how you can easily flash TWRP Custom Recovery on Xiaomi Mi6X smartphone. First of all you’ll need to know the following things – you must have unlocked bootloader and backup of your personal data just in case. If you need tutorial on how to unlock the bootloader, you can check out this post. Pay attention that without unlocked bootloader this method won’t work. The tutorial below works only with Mi 6X (or Wayne).

Flashing TWRP Custom Recovery Tutorial for Mi 6X (wayne)

Let’s begin:

  1. Download the following archive: TWRP_Xiaomi_Mi_6X_wayne.zip
  2. Extract downloaded archive. Then go to “Root” folder, select the suitable root method and move one archive (supersu.zip or magisk.zip) to phone internal memory.
  3. Start your device in fastboot mode (press and hold “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons at the same time). After device is started in fastboot, connect it to PC via USB cable.
  4. Start “flash_twrp.bat” file and press “Enter” a few times. TWRP will be automatically installed and your device will reboot in TWRP main menu.
  5. Now allow system partition modification with swipe.
  6. In the main menu tap on “Install” and select “SR5-SuperSU-v2.82-SR5-20171001224502.zip” or “Magisk-v16.4.zip” to root your Mi 6X (select the one archive which you prefer), swipe right to confirm installation.
  7. Press “Reboot system”, after that your phone will reboot and start with enabled root access.

Additional notes:

If TWRP Custom Recovery asks you to enter the password – that means that you have encrypted Data partition on your device. The only solution is formatting. Click “Cancel” > select “Wipe” and click “Format data” button, then type “Yes” to confirm. Pay attention, that if you’re going to format “Data” partition, all phone internal memory and your personal files are going to be deleted, so make sure you’ve all required backups.

Another thing you should watch carefully is that if you allow system partition modifications, you must, I repeat, you must install SuperSU or Magisk archives. Otherwise your phone will stuck on startup logo. If you forget to install any of the root tools, you can do this later, simply reboot in TWRP once again. Good luck to you!