Flashing Custom Firmware on Xiaomi Mi 6X (Wayne)

Tutorial on how to flash Xiaomi.eu ROM on Mi6X

Below you’ll find the very simple and straightforward tutorial on how to flash Xiaomi.EU or any other Android Custom ROM on your Xiaomi Mi 6X device. In this example below we’ll use the Xiaomi.eu version, but

To proceed further, you must have unlocked bootloader and TWRP Custom Recovery installed on your device.

Flashing Custom Firmware on Xiaomi Mi 6X (Wayne)

  1. Let’s assume you’ve already unlocked the bootloader on your Mi6X and ready to flash TWRP Custom Recovery (can be downloaded from the following link: TWRP_Xiaomi_Mi_6X_wayne.zip).
  2. Start your device in fastboot mode and connect it to PC via USB-cable (press and hold “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons).
  3. Unpack downloaded archive with TWRP files and start “Flash_TWRP.bat” file to continue with custom recovery installation.
  4. Your phone will reboot into TWRP.
  5. Format “DATA” partition, in the main menu select “Wipe” and press “format data”, type “yes” to confirm.
  6. After formatting go to “Reboot” > “Recovery” to reboot straight into TWRP.
  7. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable and copy ROM .zip archive to phone memory, in this case we will use the Xiaomi.eu version: xiaomi.eu_multi_MI6X_8.5.3_v9-8.1.zip
  8. After ROM archive is copied remove the USB cable.
  9. In TWRP go to “Install” menu and select ROM archive, confirm installation by finger swipe.
  10. After ROM is fully installed press “reboot system” and wait until the system starts. First startup may take around 10-15 minutes.

By using the following method you can basically install any Custom ROM or multilingual firmware version from other author and developer teams.

How to flash official China Stable MIUI ROM on Mi 6X (Wayne)

In case you’ve received the Mi 6X with unofficial Global MIUI ROM (MIUI Global 9.5 Stable (ODCMIFA)) pre-installed and you want to install other version and unlock the bootloader, here’s the method that might work for you.

  1. Download XiaomiTool from official website http://www.xiaomitool.com/
  2. Install on your PC.
  3. Turn on your phone and make sure that USB-debug is enabled.
  4. Start the XiaomiTool and follow the simple instructions. Your phone will automatically reboot a few times.
  5. Now you’ll be able to select the ROM from the list of available versions, select China Stable.
  6. Agree to continue installation and wait until it’s finished.
  7. Your phone will reboot into newly installed firmware.

That’s probably the only working method on how to flash official ROM right now. If you’ve got additional solutions or any questions regarding the tutorials above, please share your thoughts and ask questions in the comments below.