Redmi Note 4X Phone Drivers

[Download] Drivers & Utilities for Redmi Note 4X

Below you’ll find the download links for most common and usually required PC drivers for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X phone. In case of broken links, please report them in the comments section.

Download Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Drivers and Software

Updated 21.09.2017

MIUI ROM Flashing Tool for Redmi Note 4X

Description: Software for installing MIUI Fastboot ROM on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X phone.

Read more on how to flash Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X with Fastboot mode here – Continue reading…

How to install MIUI ROM Flashing Tool

MIUI ROM Flashing Tool for Redmi Note 4X (MiFlash) 2016.08.30.0

MiFlash20160830.msi (31.0 MB): Download Here

MiFlashSetup_eng.msi (48.0 MB): Download Here

Mi Unlock for Redmi Note 4X

Description: Below you’ll find download link for English version of Mi Unlock application. Mi Unlock is used for unlocking bootloader on your phone.

Mi Unlock 1.1.1111.11231 (18.7 MB): Download Here

Mi Unlock 2.2.624.14: Download Here

Mi Unlock 2.3.724.7: Download Here

Mi Unlock 2.3.803.10: Download Here

QDLoader HS-USB Driver for Redmi Note 4X

Description: QDLoader HS-USB Driver is a required PC driver for Xiaomi Qualcomm Android phones. In case you need to unbrick your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X device this driver is essential.

QDLoader HS-USB Driver (32/64-bit) (17.0 MB): Download Here

ADB Driver Lite (32/64-bit) for Redmi Note 4X

Description: ADB Driver is required for executing commands and modifying Redmi Note 4X using “Command Prompt” on your Windows PC.

ADB Driver Lite (32/64-bit) (9.0 MB): Download Here

Xiaomi PC Suite for Redmi Note 4X

Description: Latest version of the official MIUI device PC software. With this software you can backup, restore, upgrade or flash ROM on your Mi device.

Xiaomi PC Suite (32/64-bit)

MiSetup2.2.0.7032_2717.exe (37.4 MB): Download Here

Platform-tools (adb/fastboot) for Redmi Note 4X

Description: These tools are required in case you want to unlock bootloader on your Redmi Note 4X device and flash or update a new ROM image.

Platform-tools (adb/fastboot) r.25.0.3 (1001 KB): Download Here

Platform-tools (adb/fastboot) r.26.0.2 Download Here Download Here Download Here

Minimal ADB and Fastboot for Redmi Note 4X

Description: This is one of the most essential tool for working with Redmi Note 4X android phone. It helps you to modify, replace, update and tweak system files with ease. This tools also help to unlock bootloader on your phone.

Minimal ADB and Fastboot 1.4.1

minimal_adb_fast__v1.4.1_setup.exe (930 KB): Download Here

15 seconds ADB Installer for Redmi Note 4X

Description: As far we understand this is another installer for ADB and fastboot drivers. This is essiantial tool for debugging, making backups and changing system partition. This is most easiest and fastest ways to install ADB drivers on your Windows PC. This tool automatically installs ADB, fastboot and all other required drivers.

15 seconds ADB Installer 1.4.3

adb-setup-1.4.3.exe (9.2 MB): Download Here


Description: Software for checking MD5 hash after downloading ROM.

HashTab_v6.0.0.28_Setup.exe (1.1 MB): Download Here


Description: Software for checking and deleting unnecessary USB drivers. (111 KB): Download Here